FIFA 18 Game Review (With World Cup Update)

EA Sports as has become tradition released the FIFA 18 game towards the end of last year but most gamers only started to play the game this year owing to territory restrictions among others. However, there is a new development when it comes to FIFA games. these developments come on two fronts, first, FIFA now no longer brings with it a huge load of 200 national team databases (great as its much faster to download the game and saves space on the PC) rather it just releases updates when major tournaments are around the corner as was the case with the World Cup this year; EA Sports released a patch update with just the 32 teams participating in the World Cup together with all the players actually called up by their national teams. Secondly, EA Sports’ vision of turning FIFA into a story based game came to life through “The Journey: The Hunter Returns”.

Let’s learn more about these two developments in-depth. Note that FIFA 18 is available across 18 platforms including online casino such as PayPal casino.

World Cup Update (Special)

EA Sports announced at the beginning of last year that it was looking at doing away with the concept of incorporating 200 national team databases. The game developer stated that a number of developments had led it to follow this new path chief among them the need to make the game more user-friendly (by downloading faster and saving space on PCs).

At the time of the announcement, gamers had different opinions about the development with some saying it’s a step in the right direction and others stating that it would affect negatively the FIFA brand. At the time, gamers were raising their opinions without having experienced what this new development feels like. It was only at the start of the recent World Cup hosted in Russia that gamers had to see this new development in action.

The views of the gamers who managed to update their game incorporating the World Cup update suggest that most gamers are quite happy with the development. The general consensus is that this update allows gamers to feel like they are partaking in the real tournament as they have to pick their team from teams that actually qualified for the World Cup. Not only this but they also get to pick their starting 11s (players) from a pool of players who were actually called up by their national team to represent their countries. As such, the biggest advantage of this development is that it allows gamers to feel like they are part of the action on the field of play.

The Journey: The Hunter Returns

FIFA ever since its debut has enjoyed massive success. However, in a quest to further increase the reach and influence of the game, EA Sports, the developers of the game a couple of years back decided to turn FIFA into a story based game. While the plan was laid out a few years back, it only came to life in FIFA 18. In the story, Alex and his friend Danny are agents who travel to all corners of the world scouting for top talent while at the same time handling the busy lives of top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo. Most gamers attest that they fall in love with the new story based FIFA game as it allows them to experience how it feels to work inside the football circles, mixing and mingling with the stars while at the same time handling huge amounts of money.

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