Feed Your Inner Flame With Pyro Jump

Imagine this. You’re a cute little flame and you’re trying to catch the princess…but she’s made out of paper! Oh No! This is the cute story, I suppose, of new game by PINPIN called Pyro Jump. Why is the game called Pyro Jump? Well, you know the pyro part but the jump part comes in the gameplay. To move you simply jump from rotating wheel to wheel. This is a fairly standard gameplay idea and one that I love a lot even though it isn’t utilized that much.

In Pyro Jump there are 80 levels with four different worlds and an additional 20 bonus levels you can unlock. Levels are pretty varied and always offer a challenge, even ones that I haven’t seen before in a game like this. Overall, Pyro Jump will put your precision and dexterity to the a good way of course. Graphics are another mainstay of Pyro Jump and are cute and colorful and rendered in HD and really are just gorgeous. Everything about Pyro Jump screams simple but fun (and challenging when it needs to be) and I urge all to download right away!

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