How Fast is Your Android Device?

How Fast is Your Android Device

One thing many Android users notice over time is the obvious decline in performance, usually, thanks to frequent updates amongst other things. The first use is often the only time Android users see the true potential of their device – but why do devices slow down and can anything be done to rectify the issue?

As it happens, yes, Android devices are infinitely customisable by design and you can capitalise on this flexibility to make a fairly basic Android tablet into an iPad beating device with a bit of know how and a few amendments to your Settings.

No Automatic Updates

It might save a lot of time and keep you on the cutting edge of an app, or firmware’s, capabilities but automatic updates can occur at any time and drain the processing power of your device by an enormous amount. Naturally, the updates don’t occur one at a time because that would be too simple – the updates will all compete for processing power and internet bandwidth simultaneously and rendering the tablet/phone virtually useless.

Within the settings of your device; there is an option to turn off automatic updates and it is strongly recommended that you turn them off if you want to make use of your Android device at any given moment. You will need to regularly check for updates manually; but at least they’ll happen on your terms.

Regular Cleaning

There are lots of apps available on the Android market that profess to remove all the unnecessary files on your device and disable processes that aren’t integral to the device’s central processor. You need to get at least one of these apps to prevent temporary internet/update files and needless processes from slowing your device down.

Apps seeking access to your location and background refreshing hinder the running of your device; stop them becoming an issue with an App such as CleanSweep.


Some Android devices are limited by their hardware; this is an unavoidable fact, but you can speed up how quickly your device displays information from the internet by purchasing VPN. We reccomend looking at the best VPNs for Android, which are known to be secure, private connection will ensure total protection online but most VPN services also offer bandwidth expansion to strengthen your connection.

VPN settings are available within the settings app on your device to configure the service and you will never go back to standard broadband once you’ve tried it.

VPN… Again

Bearing in mind the key advice in this article refers to the deletion of temporary files and regular cleaning to avoid data clogging – why not eliminate the issue altogether with VPN? A Virtual Private Network blocks websites and apps from accessing your sensitive information along with preventing up and downloading of the majority of temporary files.

VPN is the way to go Android fans!

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