Excalibur: Knights of the King Arrives on the Play Store

We’ve been tracking Excalibur: Knights of the King for over two months now. We told you about the game’s Alpha release and now its time for the real deal. R2Games’ side-scrolling 2D MMORPG has finally landed as a free to play game on the Play Store.

For readers not familiar with the game, Excalibur takes place in the famed land of Camelot, where King Uther’s death has turned the noble English lords against each other. In a land desperate for peace, you must rise to the call of duty and become the new king who will end the fighting and restore Britain back to glory.

Excalibur is R2 Games first venture into the mobile gaming arena and they have created a game that with an immersive storyline and several exciting features. Excalibur combines elements of MMORPG elements with classsic beat em up gameplay. Players can take on three classes Knight, Assassin, Wizard (Archer will be coming later) and participate in ten crusades to secure the kingdom from the black lords. Additional help comes from fairy creatures or Fae, Merlin the wizard, and Angel Blessing. There are also plenty of new elements to unlock including runes, zodiacs, and a demon soul system.

Excalibur also includes both co-op and PVP play for players who won’t want solo action. You can also create guilds or join one at higher levels for team battles. Whether you play solo or team up with your friends, Excalibur looks like a rich rewarding game that you’re sure to enjoy.

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Top mmorpg for android. Superb graphics, great music and so addictive gameplay!

Posted by channeler 7 years ago

Please add trading feature

Trading between players is the only thing missing for this game to be the best mmorpg on Play store!

Posted by sabretigre 7 years ago

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