Evil Master Overlord Arrives Soon on Android

Evil Master Overlord, a game strikingly similar to one of the best known PC dungeon games, Dungeon Keeper, will soon be available on Google Play. How soon is not yet known but Android version is definitively coming before the PC one, as said by LCD dreams. Before we start, we acknowledge the fact that cross-platform comparisons are very ungrateful but Android games are a new thing and not so many classics have established them selves. Plus, the population that never played a game on any other platform before switching mobile is virtually nonexistent. Why is (and why isn’t) this game so similar to Dungeon Keeper?

Well, in both games you are an Overlord, you have your dungeon that you must defend from pesky, invading Heroes and to accomplish that task you have a myriad of traps, spells and your faithful minions. Another similarity is humorous animations and atmosphere. Dungeon Keeper was a good game but narration, humor and style made it great. Apparently, same recipe will be applied here although in some games, such approach proved catastrophic.

We explained about similarities but we don’t want to make you think that Evil Master overlord will be a puny clone of DK on new platform. You will have an option to customize your character (something that dungeon heart missed) in standard RPG fashion, gear, physical characteristics, weapons and so on. Naturally, it will have modern graphics (check video for visuals) and effects. Even with all similarities, this game might be the next best dungeon game, especially considering the said “youth” of the mobile market.

Summarized, many PC games (most popular platform for dungeons) tried to take the throne from legends like DK2 and there is a room and audience for good game, on both platforms. If you are tired by cliché winning light side, try Evil Master Overlord, it might be the next best dungeon game we have been waiting for.

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