Endless TDS Romans From Mars Strikes the Play Store

Nearly two months after teasing us with an endless castle defense game Romans from Mars, Majesco have launched the game on Android. The game is a colorful and humorous take on the war between the Roman Gods. You play a Roman soldier armed with a humble crossbow tasked with defending the earth from the God of War, Mars and his invading army.

Obviously you’ll need some godly powers if you’re going to fight Mars and that help comes from the Roman deity Jupiter who gifts you power over the elements. Apart from the ability to upgrade your crossbow into a more powerful weapon of destruction, you can call on Fire, Ice, Earth, or Lightning any time you need help. Power ups are also available for purchase via in-game currency or IAPs.

The enemies come in different variants with their own strengths and weaknesses and in endless waves so you will need all your concentration and focus to knock out the fast approaching enemies and win over some of the 30 odd achievements the game offers.

Romans From Mars is available for the happy price of free. Give it a go if you are ready to deal with a fresh new perspective on Roman mythology and love frantic crossbow shooting.

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