DogByte to Release Minecraft Inspired Racing Game Called Blocky Roads

Minecraft has inspired a lot of different games or at least the style they are presented in. Although, I suppose that is giving a lot more credit to Minecraft than it deserves but either way, Minecraft has easily inspired the recent influx of voxel based graphic games and its just easier to say “Minecraft inspired”. We’ve seen shooters in this style, straight Minecraft clones and more but I’ve never seen a racing game in this style. Well now, DogByte who is known for some racing games like Offroad Legends and Redline Rush is bridging that voxel gap with a Minecraft inspired racing game called Blocky Roads.

Blocky Roads is DogByte’s attempt at another racing game combined with some car designing aspects. You see, in addition to the straight racing aspect of Blocky Roads there is a crafting aspect as well. In that mode you can design your car block by block and paint it. Course wise there are 12 tracks (with four additional challenge courses) to keep you entertained. Levels center around a vague storyline in which a tornado ruined your farm and threw blocks everywhere. So now you’re racing in your car gathering well as racing. There are nine vehicles you can customize as well as your character driver. No firm release date is known for Block Roads but it is said to come sometime next month. We’ll keep you up to date on it here on AndroidShock.

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