Do You Have What It Takes? Find Out In Dodge & Roll

Dodge & Roll… Sounds like advice when you’re playing dodgeball or perhaps in a warzone. But alas, it actually is the title of the newest game from UNNYHOG Entertainment and features you playing a snowball as it rolls around various levels avoiding certain death. In fact you play a baby snowball who is lost and you have to help him figure out what is going on and survive in this magical and dangerous world.

Gameplay wise Dodge & Roll is sort of an action puzzler where you’ll need to literally dodge obstacles and roll along the levels avoiding fireballs, pitfalls, etc. in your quest to find whatever it is you’re looking for. There are three different campaign episodes to give you a ton of content to roll around in as well as three different survival modes to put your skills to the test. Graphics in Dodge & Roll are amazing and have excellent special effects. Dodge & Roll does cost $1 but it is a rather interesting puzzle-ish game that looks great, I’d say it’s worth checking out for sure!

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