Do You Dare? Release The Ninja Out Now

Dig deep into your psyche and release your inner Ninja. In Arkadium Games’ latest game, Release the Ninja, you’ll do exactly this in a nice looking puzzle platformer game with intuitive touchscreen controls. Along the way in your journey you’ll face hazards and enemies but your ninja skills always prevail in the end and leave you on top.

The big draw for Release the Ninja is how tight the controls are. There is no virtual keyboard like most platforming games and instead movement all relies on simple swipes. Doing this will allow you to wall kick, use lanterns as swinging ropes as well as travel through shadows like a real ninja. There is also a ninja rage gauge that you can build up and release to do tons of havoc. As a ninja you have plenty of weapons at your disposal that you can unlock along the way. These range from your own feet to a laser blade, chainsword and fire knuckles. Release the Ninja certainly went overboard in the fantastical ninja department and I love it. There are 60 platforming levels for you to experience in Release the Ninja with an intense soundtrack throughout. If you’re interested, you can download Release the Ninja today for free!

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