Deprofundis: Requiem Out Now, Looks Amazing

Around a month ago we reported here on AndroidShock about the popular Deprofundis game getting an update to Deprofundis 2.0 essentially with lots of improvements. That time is now and the 2.0 version, called Deprofundis: Requiem, is out now. Deprofundis: Requiem brings to the table HD graphics, better animations, a new GUI system and more!

It is worth mentioning/warning that since Deprofundis: Requiem is HD only they suggest you have a device with a Quad-core Tegra 3 or 4 and last SnapDragon Qualcomm chipset. If you have all that you’re set. The great thing about Deprofundis: Requiem is that it is free! And not freemium either. You can play the whole story with one of two characters without having to purchase anything. There is an in-app purchase to unlock four characters and two character save slots and an arena mode but the full game is accessible without. Deprofundis: Requiem is a true hack and slash Diablo-esque game with a deep storyline coming from J.C. Noir’s upcoming novel, Shattered Oz. There are tons of randomly generated dungeons to explore, loot to find, collectables to collect and the story runs deep. If you’re into the hack and slash RPG genre you need to check out Deprofundis: Requiem today!

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