Dead Trigger 2’s Release Date Will Be Announced Soon

For you Dead Trigger fans out there you will soon know when the highly anticipated sequel, Dead Trigger 2, is coming to Android. During the upcoming Tokyo Game Show on September 19th, Madfinger Games plans to announce the release date for Dead Trigger 2 along with I’m sure some new information regarding it all.

Dead Trigger 2 is set to expand upon the original first person zombie shooter that already boasted impressive graphics and gameplay. This time around Dead Trigger 2 is set to bring about boss battles including some HUGE ones as well as an interesting dynamic where you have to work together with everyone (even in single player mode) to ensure survival of you all. I’m sure we’ll get more information on how that exactly will work. Additional features that we know is that there will be new NPCs which can help you and also a hide-out feature. Graphics of course will be updated to have dynamic water effects, shadows, etc. and tons of new locations are added. Dead Trigger 2 is free to play with no premium weapons so everything is available to everyone and you can find blueprints to new weapons in game. So hopefully along with a firm release date we’ll get even more details on the final release of Dead Trigger 2.

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