Creators of Deus Ex Decide to Play It Safe on Android

Square Enix and Eidos Interactive, names behind Deus Ex series, one of the best RPG/FPS cross-genre titles on PC ever (not open for debate) are working on iOS and Android versions. Well, yes and no! Previous statement is true according to news released so far but media hype is revolving around iOS, sneak peaks and media presented are from, you guessed, iOS versions. As far as Android is concerned, we know it is coming, eventually. What does this tell us?

We know mobile device market is booming but still not close to PC and console ones, major names are still reserved regarding big releases for iOS and Android. It seems market is still indie oriented but that is changing as well (few days ago we published the news that Age of Empires is coming). We can also deduct that Deus Ex makers are playing it safe, meaning that they will test the water with iOS first, testing their own capabilities (incl. profit predictions) and market feedback. In other words, if iPad version flunks, chances are that we will never see the Android one.

Deus Ex: The Fall covers approximately the period of Human Revolution (published in 2011). As far as we have seen, game looks good, tech detail are top-notch and, naturally, story should be great (in the first game it was the backbone but in the latest release it was even slightly below average with predictable twists and no in-depth immersions and moral dilemmas).

Hopefully, this will be another major title on Mobile market that will encourage others to step up.

Source: EidosGames

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