Crazy Taxi: City Rush Comes Free-To-Play To Android


Recently Hardlight Studio deceived to bring over Crazy Taxi: City Rush to mobile, specifically the free-to-play model. This is not the debut of the Crazy Taxi series to mobile but it is the first free-to-play game they are trying out. To the press, Hardlight Studio says that they are walking a fine line between casual and hardcore fans of the Crazy Taxi series and don’t hope to reinvent anything but rather make a comfortable experience.

The hope is that in Crazy Taxi: City Rush, all the features you know and love from the original games are retained but in a more freemium space. A big aspect they are bringing to Crazy Taxi: City Rush is in the soundtracks. The soundtrack will feature some big and Indie bands as well as allowing players to create their own playlists. As for how Crazy Taxi: City Rush controls on a touchscreen, supposedly it controls very well. The speed is there and it is easy to hop lanes with swipes. Stopping, turning and U-turns are simple swipe gestures as well. The mobile controls are definitely simpler than console versions but no less hectic and fun.

Another big aspect in Crazy Taxi: City Rush is the social interaction. With Facebook integration you can pick up your friends as passengers for the daily quests and such. You will also see “ghosts” of your friends driving around and the more Facebook friends you have the more quests you can get. Of course you can play without Facebook integration and still have a fun time. In general, Crazy Taxi: City Rush looks good and it is exciting to see it come to mobile.

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