Can Android Go Change the Budget Market?

Google’s Android Go has been in the news with its claims to launch affordable smartphones in the market. At MWC 2018, Google promised to bring high-quality experience on an inexpensive platform. At the show, several other Android Go devices were announced as well ranging from companies such as Alcatel, Nokia, ZTE, Micromax, Lava and General Mobile.

Things you need to know about Android Go

The latest tech is anticipated to render smoother and faster performance on devices with 1GB RAM or low powered processors. It ensures retaining the security of the devices and keeping them up to date with the latest Android version and Google Play Protect. Though the specifications and your phone’s appearance may not see any major rendition or aesthetic enhancements, the cost-effective Android Go appears to debut as a hands-on solution for the emerging tech markets.

Android versus cheaper smartphones

  • Android Go’s software is up to date and optimized to ensure excellent performance. This means that the faster you learn how to use it, the more appealing is this brand of phones as compared to its cheaper counterparts. So, you could enjoy seamless and uninterrupted entertainment on your favourite mobile slot games at the Plush Casino or any other gaming destination.
  • Android Go’s apps look to be simplified versions than the cheaper ones available around. However, this would not impact the core functionality of the software enabled devices. In fact, in most applications, you may not lose out on much. With handheld devices becoming prominent gadgets in use for gaming at UK online casino, customers look for the best compatible software that can perform optimally for work and entertainment.
  • While the specifications will be the same on the Android Go phones, yet with a variety of OEMs flooding the market, Google’s Android Go may still have some eye-catching features than others.

Android Go is not solely about creating budget smartphones for the wallet-conscious. It is correspondingly intended at increasing its accessibility to the first-time smartphone buyers. Eyeing a highly responsive market such as India, Google anticipates nearly a billion users to hail from there. With phones priced under $100, Google looks well placed in capturing that segment of consumers.

The positive ‘Go’ outlook

In succession to the first batch of the Android Go devices, you could be reassured about this project from Google. Though success cannot be 100 % guaranteed, certainly the tech giant would have learnt a lesson from its ‘Android One’ episode. This failed due to the manufacturer’s inability to have their liberty in customizing the features for the targeted customers. Thus, you can hope this one from Google Android to be much more diverse.

The question of whether customers will embrace the Android Go remains subject to several factors. An important one being how Google could convince people on the security patches and ensuring an optimized experience.

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