Brain Games Tests Your Memory and Concentration Skills with Five Challenging Mini Games

Are you concerned that playing all those zombie themed games has started affecting your memory and concentration skills? No worries. Brain Games from developers NedaRm has you covered. This free game features five challenging mini games that should sharpen and detox your mind from all that endlessly mind numbing gaming soreness.

Add, Conflict, Blink, Tilt, and Memomatch will not only help with your memory and concentration attributes but will also vastly improve your problem solving and cognitive visual abilities. The games have been designed based on neuroscientific studies and a few minutes spent on playing these games should give your mind the exercise it deserves.

Each game comes with an example and images explaining the rules of the game. You’ll also understand the benefits of playing each game. When you’re ready to get started just close the tutorial and try to grab the best score you can. Since the games are not easy to master you’ll find yourself challenging your top scores every time you replay.

If you want to give your brain a good workout, check out Brain Games. Its free to play.

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