Boson X Out Now. Can You Find It?

Developers always seem to make their new endless runner game seem different than the rest. One would think by now all the ideas would be taken but luckily more and more ideas and stories are made. Boson X by Ian MacLarty is, by all intents and purposes, another endless runner but looks different which is a good thing. Boson X’s main differentiation is in that it is a rotational runner instead of just a simple linear one like most.

Boson X looks to be extremely fast paced and hectic where you’ll have to jump from plank to plank in a rotational setting. The story behind it is that you’re actually inside a particle accelerator and you need to build up super speed and cause collisions to discover new particles. Basically a play on the super collider and the Higgs Boson particle. The best thing about Boson X is that it isn’t a freemium game. Yes that means it has cost; a low one of $1.99 to be exact. But after that cost there are no ads, no pay to win upgrade scenarios, etc. Just plain endless running fun the way it is meant to be played. Check Boson X out now on Google Play!

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