Boom Bucks – Best Online Slot with Bonus Rounds

The world of modern online casinos offers the player a variety of opportunities not only to try your luck but also to have fun by playing any free slot games with bonus rounds no download no registration. Every year, slot machines are becoming more intelligent – they have received modern 3D-graphics, several storylines, ingenious bonus games, and additional rounds, etc. At the same time, classic games have not gone away, just transferred from the once-popular slot machine halls of land-based casinos to the online world.

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If we look at the most popular slot machines in the online environment, then at least a third of them will belong to the classic category. What is the reason for their success? Why, despite the active development of technology, many players prefer to continue to play classic slot machines, alternating them with modern innovations such as bonus rounds? Let’s try to figure this out by looking at the simplest of the classic representatives in the modern online slots with bonus rounds – the Boom Bucks gaming machine.

Description and Functionality

Back in the distant 80s, Boom Bucks was pretty popular around the world, from Las Vegas to Atlantic City. Its device is extremely simple – there are only 3 game reels and 5 game lines. You won’t be able to change the number of paylines in this slot, since you use coin per line during each Spin.

At the same time, the face value of coins starts from 4 and ends with 8 credits. Accordingly, with a minimum bet, the jackpot of the game is 100 credits, and the maximum brings 200 credits. When playing Boom Bucks, you also don’t have to worry about how many game lines to use – when the game starts, all 5 lines are automatically activated. For completely lazy gamers, the slot has an auto-play mode, although its difference from the usual mode is only that you do not need to rotate the reels yourself.

Features and bonuses in the Boom Bucks slot

If we summarize all of the above regarding the functionality of the game, we can safely conclude that the Boom Bucks slot machine is suitable for beginners who still do not risk playing with large amounts, as well as for those players who are looking for a warm-up slot with bonus rounds. Due to its limited functionality, Boom Bucks has an extremely short cycle, which can take several spins.

However, even in such a simple machine, there are bonus features. Above the reels of the slot, you can see a small wheel with a different set of numbers. This set is constantly changing after each rotation. Initially, the purpose of this part of the slot seems incomprehensible until at some point GO appears near the numbers! When this happens, the resulting combination of numbers is converted into credits and added to your winnings. Thus, even just by rotating the reels of the simplest slot, you can increase your balance in several times!

The symbols of the game are represented by classic numbers and fruits, and the level of payouts is quite high. In other words, just a few spins in Boom Bucks make it clear whether you won or lost. If you interested in mobile slots online you can visit the Bgaoc website for a wide selection of online slot games with bonus rounds.

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