Blocky Roads Hits Android Devices; Combines Minecraft Building With Racing

Imagine you own a very nice and happy little farm. Then a huge hurricane comes in and rips apart all your hard work and your house only to scatter in all across the globe. This is exactly what happens in Blocky Roads, the newest game published by Crescent Moon Games. So, what are you supposed to do after this natural disaster? The obvious answer is hop in your car to drive around collecting all the parts of your farm and house!

Blocky Roads is certainly a silly subject but it is one that looks amazing and I’ve been waiting for a while for it to hit Android so I can finally play it. Now that day is here and I can finally enjoy Blocky Roads. Specific features include 19 tracks to conquer in Blocky Roads with an additional four challenge tracks. You have 9 awesome vehicles to ride but also a car editor where you can build your own cars using blocky voxels akin to building in Minecraft. Also customizable is your character! Most people will be drawn to Blocky Roads because it does have that voxel Minecraft feel that while Minecraft didn’t create has now kind of “coined”. So the long awaited wait is over for gold award winning Blocky Roads and you can play the hit game today!

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