Big Fish Games Sets to Reinvent Match-3 Gameplay with Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!

On the mobile market nowadays there is tons of match-3 styled games and frankly the market is getting oversaturated in my opinion. It seems Big Fish Games has realized that if they want to release a new game that has a match-3 style to it they are going to need to get innovative. With that mindset they are coming out with a new game called Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! (or Zx3 for short) that puts a new spin on the classic match-3 gameplay.

Instead of having a stationary grid of various gems/zombies where you swap two to make a group, Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! has a horde of zombies rushing at you from the top of the screen and to get rid of them you need to create triangles anywhere using three of the same type of zombies which then kills all the zombies within that triangle. So the bigger your matched triangle the more zombies you kill. There also seems to be a lot of environmental features you can use at your disposal to well…dispose of all the zombies. These range from using wrecking balls to crush them, rolling pipes, bulldozers, etc. Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! has lots of different environments which also dictate what environmental features you have access to.

For example in the video and from what other news outlets have said, one level is farm themed and if you can’t make your triangles fast enough you can call upon tractors to run over the zombies. Another is set in a train station where you can call the train to crush a bunch of zombies. Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! looks to be pretty hectic, innovative in the level designs and the new match-3 spin is certainly interesting. No firm release date for Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! is available just that it will come out later this year.

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