Become the Carnie Cop And Stop The Madness With Burn The Lot

Carnies come in to an area, dazzle us all with their tricks and their amusement rides and then the trouble starts…at least according to stereotypes. They then steal and eventually move on. This process is called Burning the Lot and is the overarching theme to Propaganda3, Inc.’s latest game, Burn the Lot. In Burn the Lot you take on the role of being a carnie cop as you think the carnies are up to something and you want to stop the madness of it all before it begins.

Burn the Lot is an interesting and unique mobile game that at least has a theme of the likes I’ve never seen before. Gameplay wise Burn the Lot is a dual stick 3rd person shooter where you’ll dance, dodge and destroy all your enemies. Your enemies are carnies but not just any carnies…intergalactic carnies. The means to destroy them is all in finding weapons and devising plans. Setting wise you’ll be chasing these intergalactic carnies across three different planets. This corresponds to over 30 story driven levels spanning twelve enemy types including nine boss battles. Your weapon choice is also just as varied with 17 weapons both melee and projectile. Some  include flamethrowers and barbells. Burn the Lot was just released and as such is on a discounted price of $0.99, so now is the perfect time!

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