Battle Your Way to Defeat the Megaframe in Meltdown

Are you in the mood for a simple but fun intense arcade shooter? If so then Meltdown, by Bulkypix, might be the game for you. You play as a lone ranger Rambo type character who has access to a host of different weapons both ranged and melee as you fight through randomly generated levels to defeat the big boss, Megaframe. I’m noticing a recent trend of pure and simple arcade shooters on Google Play where the main focus is just in the chaos of the gameplay and I love it!

As mentioned above, in Meltdown you’re job is to eventually take down the big boss Megaframe but along the way you’ll be needing to take out all his robot minions. Each enemies have unique AI and gear so you’ll have to figure out their strengths and weaknesses to know how best to take them down. The singleplayer has 30 levels but they are randomly generated layouts so theoretically there is tons of replay value in the campaign mode alone. If you’re feeling social there is an online multiplayer co-op for the campaign as well. Once you beat the campaign you unlock a survival type arena mode where you can use all your skills to lay the smack down on everyone who enters. Meltdown features ten different ranged weapons and five different melee weapons with three different character specialization classes to keep you busy and the gameplay style varied. Overall, Meltdown seems to be completely filled with arcade action and at the low price of free it seems like a good choice for a download.

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