Asterix Megaslap Hits Google Play

Released on Google Play yesterday is Asterix Megaslap a mobile distance launcher game from developers Bulkypix and features a little bit of history. The setting is that it is 60 B.C. and all of Gaul is Roman occupied but that is where Asterix, your lovable protagonist, comes into play. He starts smacking the Romans out and watching how far they fly.

These distance games are insanely popular and a few that come to mind are Burrito Bison and Learn to Fly. And from those games Asterix Megaslap has all the basic features you would need to make an excellent distance launcher game.  The settings are varied ranging form Roman backdrops to Arabian, you can customize the Romans you are slapping around, and of course there are upgrades which influence how far you can slap the Roman, etc.

Asterix Megaslap also looks very endearing. It has a look of an old cartoon show like Tom and Jerry or Popeye. Not only do the graphics portray that in style but also in humor as well as the gameplay and customization options itself. So if you’re looking for a new distance launcher mobile game to put on your shelf check out Asterix Megaslap which is out now for $1.31.

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