Another Star Wars Mobile Game? Yep; Star Wars: Assault Team

LucasArts seems to really be milking the cash cow that is the Star Wars franchise. As a result we’re getting tons of games utilizing the Star Wars theme. While the game in question, Star Wars: Assault Team, is only the second published game under LucasArts developer name (the other being Tiny Death Star), there are still countless other Star Wars themed games. Star Wars: Assault Team is slated to be a “unique” turn-based strategy game from Disney Mobile.

What this means is you basically collect different Star Wars characters to build up your own team. Sound familiar to anyone? Like perhaps Star Wars Force Collection? Or really any strategy RPG mobile game in existence? Yeah…Star Wars: Assault Team is real unique. Anyways, you can collect characters such as  Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Tusken Raiders, and more in missions like escaping from enemy ships, finding the Wookie resistance, surviving ambushes, etc. As for a multiplayer aspect, there is a PvP mode that you can enjoy. Graphically, Star Wars: Assault Team is quite surprising and goes for more quality than just crappy stock Star Wars images. Overall though, don’t see what is too special about Star Wars: Assault Team other than it carries the sacred Star Wars name. Check it out if you wish.

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Another Star Wars?

Really? The game itself is not bad but its drains battery like crazy!

Posted by ioSonoTuoPadre 7 years ago

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