Another Battle for the Ages with Mechs vs Aliens

Aliens certainly have it rough these days on Earth or just seem to pick fights with everyone. I’ve seen games with aliens vs zombies, aliens vs humans, aliens vs pirates. The list goes on and on. Now, here to add to that list of fighting pairs is Mechs Vs Aliens from TurnOut Ventures Ltd. As per usual you’re on the side fighting the aliens, so you’ll be piloting huge mechanized suits with super firepower to destroy any evil alien scum and save the planet.

Mecs Vs Aliens is a free turn based fighting game where you’ll have a variety of mech suits at your disposal to dispose of your alien counterparts. To be specific, there are nine different mech suits you control each one representing a country in this fictional intergalactic battle. So you’ll have mechs from the USA, UK, South Korea, Russia, Germany, China, Japan, France, and Brazil at your command. As expected there are eight locations to battle in which also represent the countries. As of now there is a campaign mode with 16 different stages and after that there is also an arcade and survival mode. Local multiplayer is coming soon. Mechs Vs Aliens has beautiful 3D graphics so you can see these epic fights go down in high definition. Mechs Vs Aliens is out now for free and certainly looks interesting, I’d suggest giving it a shot!

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