Adult Swim Games Is Back With Giant Boulder of Death

Surprisingly Adult Swim Games publishes some great games that are addictive and even go viral. Some examples are of course Robot Unicorn Attack, 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself and Monsters Ate My Condo. Well, Adult Swim just published a new game on Google Play called Giant Boulder of Death…which is exactly what the name suggests.

Giant Boulder of Death is essentially an endless runner but instead of some random character running you play a sentient boulder hell bent on destruction as you roll down a hill. I feel that the pure destruction of Giant Boulder of Death brings it out of the staleness that is usually found in endless runners. Also you know with an Adult Swim Games game you’re going to get quality and Giant Boulder of Death looks to be the same. The graphics are colorful and well polished so you can see everything you destroy. Giant Boulder of Death is free to play meaning there are some in-app purchases to get better upgrades but hopefully they are implemented correctly which I have a feeling they are.  So if you’re ready to smash and kill everything in sight with a giant boulder, get Giant Boulder of Death today on Google Play.

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