Abstract Sensual Game, Luxuria Superbia, Coming to Android This Fall

Abstract sensual game? Yes, you read the title correctly. Tale of Tales, a developer known for pushing boundaries on their games, is in the making of an action game where you, and I quote, “…will be giving erotic pleasure to your touchscreen devices…”. The game is called Luxuria Superbia and if that doesn’t get your attention then I don’t know what will.

Game designer from Tale of Tales, Michaël Samyn, claims that Luxuria Superbia is all about a journey from blankness to color and darkness to light. Teaser videos of Luxuria Superbia have been released and it shows various tunnels with tulip heads on the sides of the walls. You touch these tulips and color spreads to the inner walls. Supposedly the goal or challenge is to get the most color you can without completely filling the area with color and is being described as “orgasmic pleasure”.

Not all the levels in Luxuria Superbia are erotic in nature, some are more spiritual with sounds of oceans and forests. Either way Luxuria Superbia is shaping up to be one weird but strangely appealing game and is supposed to hit stores this fall.

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