A Twist On A Genre; Naughty Kitties

How does this game description sound? A spaceship that is being ridden by a bunch of cats that shoot lasers to destroy evil robots. Pretty awesome right? Well that is exactly what Naughty Kitties by Coconut Island Studio is about. The game is slated to hit iOS at the end of this month with an Android release further out but already I am super pumped for it based on descriptions and screenshots.

Basically Naughty Kitties is a combination game of an endless runner with tower defense. How does that work? Well, your spaceship is continuously heading right which is then being faced by robots that shoot and damage your spaceship. Lose all your health and you lose for good. So you then have to drag various kitties onto your ship which then can repair your ship or shoot the robots. These cats can be and have to be replaced at various times either due to loss of energy or strategy. Eventually you die and your distance is your score and you get points which can be used to upgrade your cats. Rinse, wash, repeat but it sounds amazing. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of Naughty Kitties here at AndroidShock as we hear it.

Via: PocketGamer

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