Pirates of Everseas  Cover

news · 3 years ago

A Great Pirate Adventure With Pirates of Everseas

Ahoy! Ready for a adventure for the high seas? Pirates of Everseas by Glu is the game for you then.

Frontline Commando 2 (Cover)

review · 3 years ago

Frontline Commando 2 - Locked and Loaded

Frontline Commando 2 is a fun action game best enjoyed in short sessions.


news · 3 years ago

Glu Games Outs Frontline Commando 2 Lets You Exact Revenge on Enemies

Glu Mobiles has just released its sequel, aptly titled Frontline Commando 2 onto Android.

RoboCop Cover

review · 3 years ago

RoboCop - Lets You Live the Movie

In this world of tweets, statuses, apps, pins, and AMAs, the movie tie-ins are becoming as important as the movies themselves.


news · 3 years ago

Defenders and Dragons is Glu’s Latest Entertainer for Android Fans

Glu Games have been having a busy 2014 with three games released in quick succession.


news · 3 years ago

Get Ready For An Adrenaline Rush With Motocross Meltdown

Game developer/publisher Glu has put out some pretty great and popular games such as Deer Hunter, Contract Killer and more.

RoboCop Cover

news · 3 years ago

Half Man Half Robot; RoboCop Lands on Android

Fresh off the launch of their action RPG title Eternity Warriors 3, Glu Mobile is back with another gem for fans of third person shooter games.

Eternity Warriors 3

review · 3 years ago

Eternity Warriors 3 - Stop, Drop and Roll

The folks at Glu have honed the addictive qualities of loot-based action/RPGs down to a precise formula and packaged them up into a shiny, compelling third installation of the Eternity Warriors series.


news · 3 years ago

Take on the Lord of Hell in Triple Action RPG Eternity Warriors 3

The struggle of good versus evil is never ending.

Deer Hunter 2014 Cover

review · 3 years ago

Deer Hunter 2014 - A Swipe Away

I have never hunted in my life, unless you consider fishing to be part of the whole hunting genre…

DEER HUNTER 2014 Cover

news · 3 years ago

Hunting Season Comes Early; Deer Hunter 2014 Out Now

Some people like to hunt and wake up really early to sit in the cold to get a chance at shooting a big 12 point buck but others, like myself, would rather imitate that experience through video games.


news · 3 years ago

A Portable MMORPG – Black Gate: Inferno

Released yesterday wasBlack Gate: Inferno from Glu Mobile which is being advertised as a console quality MMORPG for you phone and tablet.

Frontline Commando D-Day Cover

review · 4 years ago

Frontline Commando: D-Day - Run And Shoot And Run And Shoot

Frontline Commando: D-Day is one of those games I can almost guarantee I’d never have tried if I hadn’t been asked to review it.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 5

review · 4 years ago

Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 - A Big-Headed Assault

Standing on the edge of a bridge, bathed in the cool glow of the moonlight, you patiently wait for the onslaught of bobble-headed Japanazombies.

Gun Bros 2

review · 4 years ago

Gun Bros 2 - Ballistic Badassery

Two beefy bros exchange ham-hock high fives as the overhead timer counts down, jump-ramps illuminating the sides of the arena in a neon yellow glow.

Heroes-of-Destiny Cover

review · 4 years ago

Heroes Of Destiny - A Hollow Tale

After a long, grueling battle against Graank – the nefarious (but squat) king of the goblin horde – Tiberus removed his helmet and raised his shield to deflect the glare of the mid-day sun.

Contract Killer Zombies 2 Cover

review · 4 years ago

CKZ ORIGINS - A Less-Than-Ideal Mission

Zombies are a ton of fun until they catch up to you — so goes the saying.

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