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We've rounded up some of our favorite strategy games for Android for you. Sub-genres: tower defense, turn-based strategy, city building or rts (real time strategy).

My Muppets Show


Disney Unleashes Three Gorgeous Games in One Day with a Special Bonus

Its happy days for fans of the popular entertainment giants, Disney games.

Happy Dinos Cover


Smile! Happy Dinos is Out!

What if Jurassic Park was real…but had friendly, non-killer dinosaurs?

Rymdkapsel Cover


Minimalistic Strategy Game Rymdkapsel Arrives on Play Store

Rymdkapsel may not be the best named game on the planet, but it received plenty of good reviews when it launched exclusively for Playstation Mobile devices earlier this year.

Blastron (7)


Blastron - Blast Away

Robots are made for one thing and one thing only…destruction.

Castle Clash Cover


Castle Clash Enters The Fray

Fresh on the Google Play store today, Castle Clash by aims to bring a great strategy game to Android devices.

Blastron Cover


Get Blasting – Blastron

It is time to blast or get blasted in this new blastcentric mobile game entitled Blastron by Kabam.

Turtle Strike Cover


TurtleStrike - Turtles Like You’ve Never Seen Them

Turtles are no longer just cute little reptiles you see in the wild and the zoo.

TurtleStrike Cover


Turtle Strike Finally Launches

A few months ago an interesting game featuring turtles called Turtle Strike was announced and now that cute yet deadly game has finally launched on the Google Play store.

The Walking Dead Assault Cover


The Walking Dead: Assault - Pulp Zombie

It’s been only minutes since you sent Glenn running out in the middle of the street to distract the walkers, but the tension is unbearable.

Bloons TD Battles Cover


Bloons TD Battles Pops into Stores Today

Bloons TD, of the most popular tower defense games series, has recently been making the transition from browser based gaming to the mobile android market.

Rymdkapsel Cover


Once Exclusive Minimalist Space RTS, Rymdkapsel, Slated to Hit Android on the 25th

If you are one of the few to own a Playstation Mobile device you probably have heard or played Rymdkapsel, developed by Grapefrukt Games.

Battle Dragons Cover


Spacetime Games Soft Launches Its Latest Strategy Game Battle Dragons

Spacetime Games formerly known as Spacetime Studios have just announced the launch of their first strategy game called Battle Dragons.

Enemy Lines Cover


Enemy Lines - Bait And Wait Combat

Your troops have arrived just outside of the enemy’s gates, and luckily only one foot soldier has paid any notice.

Monsterama Cover


Monsterama Planet - Engaging Game But Missing The Magic

A sequel to the popular Monsterama Park, Monsterama Planet is all about accidentally landing on an alien planet and helping its indigenous creatures rebuild their civilization.

Toy Defense 2 Cover


Toy Defense 2 - A Battle In Your Toybox

Tower Defense will be a sub-genre of video games that will never get old. Ever since the olden days of Warcraft III and Rampart days people have flocked to this specific style of strategic challenges.

2020 My Country Cover


2020: My Country - Brings Out The Ambitious Streak In You

Simulation games are not everyone’s cup of tea, but developers of 2020: My Country have managed to design a massive city building game that’s simply too hard to ignore.



Plants VS Zombies 2 Trailer Announces Game For This July

Man, PopCap does take it slow with Plants vs. Zombies sequel. Not only with the development but with the news as well.

Fieldrunners 2 Cover


Fieldrunners 2 - This Explosive Action Packed Sequel Is A Class Apart

When Fieldrunners was released way back in 2011 on the Android platform, it received rave reviews from most critics, some even going on to call it the best Tower Defense game at the time.

Fieldrunners 2 Thumb


Fieldrunners 2 Is Finally Expected To Arrive On April 24th

After iPhone, iPod Touch, PC (Steam) and iPad, owners of the small green robot will soon be able to play this legendary Tower defense game on their smartphones.

Worms 2 Armageddon Cover


Worms 2: Armageddon - Prepare To Lose Hours

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries for a game to really click with me. With the Worms franchise, this started a year before the original Half-Life was released, started again around the time the XBox 360 launched, and ended today.

Eufloria HD Cover


Eufloria HD - Biodiversity’s Savage Fight For Survival Beautifully Rendered

Eufloria is unlike any real-time-strategy (RTS) game you’ve probably played before.

Oil Rush Cover


Oil Rush - Hooked On The High Seas

To be clear from the beginning: Oil Rush is very, very good. So good, in fact, you could call it a yardstick for the next generation of mobile games.

Turtle Strike Cover


Turtle Strike By eeGon Announced

Something’s not right in the warm, crystalline waters of Bermuda… Armies of angry turtles have been sighted just off-shore wearing nothing but a half-shell and a heavy payload of missiles.

Pet Shop Story Easter Cover


Pet Shop Story: Easter - Bring On The Bunnies!

I always find it hard to stick to any world building that requires too much time befor I actually get “rewarded” for my time and patience.

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