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We've rounded up some of our favorite strategy games for Android for you. Sub-genres: tower defense, turn-based strategy, city building or rts (real time strategy).

Transport Tycoon (Cover)


Transport Tycoon - Get Stuff Moving

The never ending pursuit of acquiring “stuff” is what drives our insane world’s economy and ensures that we all adhere to the 40 hour work-week.



EA’s Heroes of Dragon Age and Dungeon Keeper Gets a Soft Launch

Its been quite a while since EA announced the mobile version of its upcoming games Heroes of Dragon Age and Dungeon Keeper.

Star Command Cover


Get Star Command While It’s Hot

If you don’t know what Star Command is about, you basically are building and commanding your own spaceship (or starship as they call it).

Clash of Clans Cover


Supercell’s Mega Hit TDS Game Clash of Clans is Out on Android

Clash of Clans is a brilliant mix of strategy with fast paced combat action.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star Cover


Nimblebit Partners with Disney to Produce Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

The king of all pixel simulation style games, Nimblebit, has just announced that they are partnering with Disney to develop a new game called Star Wars: Tiny Death Star.

Shiftlings Cover


Monster Smash, a Fun Tower Defense Game Marches into the Play Store

Monster Smash is based on the common perception that monsters love to scare the living daylights out of little sleeping kiddies.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Cover


Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Tower Defense at Its Finest

When it comes to the tower defense genre I think it is an almost established fact that the original Kingdom Rush from Ironhide Studios is the creme of the crop.

Westbound Cover


Get Your Cowboy Boots On. The American Frontier Beckons in Westbound

In Westbound, you are stranded with a bunch of strangers when your caravan breaks down in a hidden canyon.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Cover


Plants vs Zombies 2 Creeps into Australia and New Zealand Stores While the Rest of the World Awaits

Android gamers, being the ever subservient ones in the ding dong battle for launch platform supremacy must wait once more, because Plants vs Zombies 2 will still be seeing a soft launch again.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Cover


The Simpsons: Tapped Out Gets Ready For Halloween In New Update

This update for The Simpsons: Tapped Out has ghostly apparitions that can be whacked, sucked up and otherwise killed.

Transport Tycoon Cover


Transport Tycoon Makes Inroads Onto Android

If your ambitions have ever crossed into the realm of engineering and construction, Transport Tycoon is a game that will pamper your senses.

Total Conquest (Cover)


Total Conquest - Gameloft Gets It Right

Gameloft and I have had our disagreements in the past, but I can’t fault the company for leading the charge when it comes to creating cool multiplayer worlds for mobile gaming fans.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Cover


Grab the World’s Best TDS Game Kingdom Rush Frontiers Now on Android

The long wait for the best tower defense game sequel is finally over.

Mushroom Wars Cover


Popular PSN Game Mushroom Wars Now on Android

Creative Mobile’s Mushroom Wars is a real-time-strategy game that has never looked back since it debuted on the Playstation Network in 2009.

Europe 1944 Cover


Play Out WWII in New Game; Europe 1944

Video games based off of the various wars, especially the world wars, get a lot of attention.

City Island Winter Edition Cover


City Island Changes Seasons With City Island: Winter Edition

The developer team, Sparkling Society, is no stranger to city building games.

Desert Tycoon Cover


Build Your Own Oasis In Desert Tycoon

Another empire or city building game has just been released to whet your city planning appetite.

Total Conquest (Cover)


Sound the Battle Cry! Gameoft’s Total Conquest Arrives

Last week, we showed you some cool screenshots of Gameloft’s latest city building game with elements of tower defense called Total Conquest.

Breach and Clear Cover


Breach & Clear - Tactical, Idiot-Proofed Fun

As a person with all the strategic thinking ability of a kumquat, tactical games tend to perplex me.

Storm Lords Cover


Storm Lords Just Released For Google Play

There are many different empire building, strategy mobile games out there where you can build and battle with your friends, but doesn’t mean more shouldn’t come out.

Castlemine Cover


CastleMine - Crossing the Red Line

Once upon a time, there existed a small three-story castle overrun with strange vermin.

Green Farm 3 Cover


Gameloft Releases its Latest Green Venture Green Farm 3

Love sowing, watering, and harvesting crops? how about feeding the chickens and restoring a run down manor?

Siegecraft Defender Cover


Siegecraft Defender - Who Says Tower Defense Can’t Be Gorgeous?

The first thing Crescent Moon Games claims on the Play Store page for its new game, Siegecraft Defender, is that this is “the most beautiful 3D mobile tower defense game yet.

Brave Guardians Cover


TDS Brave Guardians Makes Its Entry onto the Play Store

Indie game developers Chundos Studio, who have quite a few game titles to their credit such as Beat the Beast and SiliBili are out with their first tower defense game called Brave Guardians.

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