news · 10 months ago

Final Fantasy All the Bravest Now Out on Android

Gear up you Final Fantasy fans as Square Enix has just released a new mobile game using the Final Fantasy brand called Final Fantasy All The Bravest.

Reaper Cover

review · 10 months ago

Reaper - Quest For the Perfect Gear

On your way back to the blacksmith’s shop, pockets laden with fresh gold from your recent adventures in slaying a massive swarm of giant hornets, you’re stopped by a panicked pygmy named Gork.

Reaper Cover

news · 11 months ago

Bring the Death in Reaper, Now On Android

After some great mobile hits like Radiant Defense and EVAC, Hexage is back with a new title called Reaper.


news · 11 months ago

Thor: The Dark World Mobile Game Releases Trailer

When the advent of all these superhero movies they are obviously going to be made into mobile games to capitalize on their fame.

Dragon Eternity Cover

news · 11 months ago

Dragon Eternity Now On Android

Game Insight has long been a leader in mobile and social games and one of their most popular games is a MMO RPG called Dragon Eternity which was previously only available on iPad and web browser.

Side Scrolling MMORPG

news · 12 months ago

Side Scrolling MMORPG Excalibur Gets an Alpha Release

Last week, we reported that an exciting new side-scrolling action MMORPG set in the fabled land of Camelot that was due to arrive on Android.

Hero Forge Cover

news · 12 months ago

Hero Forge on Play Store

There is an expression that says that mind is superior to brute force.

Blood Sword THD Cover

news · 12 months ago

Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin THD Lands on Play Store

After making a big splash at the NVDIA camp at the CES 2013 earlier this year, Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin THD has finally made its way onto the Play Store.

Excalibur Cover

news · 12 months ago

R2Games’ Excalibur Set to Revive the Magic of King Arthur on Android

R2Games who made a name for themselves with their free-to-play browser games, in association with ELEX,  are all set to launch their first MMORPG title called Excalibur on Android.


news · 12 months ago

A Portable MMORPG – Black Gate: Inferno

Released yesterday wasBlack Gate: Inferno from Glu Mobile which is being advertised as a console quality MMORPG for you phone and tablet.


news · 12 months ago

Thor: The Dark World: Gameloft Plus Movie License Equals Skepticism

Remember the days when comic fans were mocked for being nerds?

Shadowrun Returns Cover

news · 1 year ago

Shadowrun Returns All Set for a Showdown on Android

Shadowrun Returns has been making the news for quite some time now and not necessarily for all the right reasons.

Order and Chaos Cover

news · 1 year ago

Gameloft Publishes Android Patch for Order & Chaos

We waited for 2 iOS patches but its finally here.


news · 1 year ago

Disney Publishes The Lone Ranger

Just few hours ago Disney published The Lone Ranger on Google Play, game based on the new movie starring Johnny Depp.

Brave Heroes Cover

review · 1 year ago

Brave Heroes - Go Right, Hit Stuff, Profit

Okay, so you’re a wizard or knight or something in some weird medieval US football universe.

Knights and Dragons Cover

review · 1 year ago

Knights & Dragons - Armor Here, Armor There

After a short and energizing fight with the Slagwurm and his minions, you return to the castle loaded with gold and 2 stone slabs!

The Infinite Black Thumb

review · 1 year ago

The Infinite Black MMO - Alliances are Power

Having only recently attained your pilot’s license and a new shuttle from Earth, you’ve set out to explore the great beyond; “Space, the final frontier” and all that nonsense.

Knights of Pen and Paper Cover

review · 1 year ago

Knights of Pen & Paper - (+1 ed) – Roll It Like You Want It

Once upon a time in a distant 8-bit land, you and your snotty little brother sneak out of the house post-curfew.

Dark Avenger Cover

review · 1 year ago

Dark Avenger - Good Gameplay, Bad Freemium

I’m still kind of going back and forth on what I think about Dark Avenger.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Cover

review · 1 year ago

Dungeon Hunter 4 - Hope Your Real Job Can Pay For Your Virtual One

Gameloft is one of the pioneering Android game development/publishing houses in the world who have, over the past couple of years, put out a number of memorable high-production-value titles that have raised the bar for games on the platform.

Magicka Cover

review · 1 year ago

Magicka - Elemental Combinatrix

One time long ago, on a planet far far away… Jawas – those short “oo-tay-dee” screamers who lived in the deserts of Tatooine – were actually wizards, and their drab brown robes once sported a wide array of colors.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 5

review · 1 year ago

Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2 - A Big-Headed Assault

Standing on the edge of a bridge, bathed in the cool glow of the moonlight, you patiently wait for the onslaught of bobble-headed Japanazombies.

Ravensword Shadowlands Cover

review · 1 year ago

Ravensword: Shadowlands - So-So Swordplay

A warrior with a mysterious past tears across the countryside in search of answers about his circumstances.

Heroes-of-Destiny Cover

review · 1 year ago

Heroes Of Destiny - A Hollow Tale

After a long, grueling battle against Graank – the nefarious (but squat) king of the goblin horde – Tiberus removed his helmet and raised his shield to deflect the glare of the mid-day sun.

Undead Slayer Cover

review · 1 year ago

Undead Slayer - Age Of Cleave

As the proverbial “horse you rode in on” turns-tail and abandons you in your greatest time of need, you unsheathe your absurdly humongous blade and focus on the approaching groans of the undead.

Heroes Of Order And Chaos Cover

review · 1 year ago

Heroes of Order & Chaos - Channel Your Justice

When I was younger, I used to play this game at the beach where I’d try to stay as close to the edge of the  surf as possible while not actually getting wet.

Zenonia 5 Cover

review · 1 year ago

Zenonia 5 - Find Me 10 Bronze

Journal entry 11: My sister is gone, I’m having dreams where I defend a wizard from poison elementals, some guy is parading around as me, and I have to find 10 bronzes for an overly-emotive young girl who wants to make a ring for her fiancé. “10 bronzes for a ring!?”

Bards Tale Cover

review · 1 year ago

The Bard’s Tale - A Song For Your Troubles

The Bard’s Tale – A troublesome troubadour’s treacherous trials in taming tantalizing tarts. How’s that for alliteration? Come!

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