news · 4 years ago

Shadowrun Returns Released For Android Tablets

Kickstarter has made some awesome games and revivals possible for all systems.

news · 4 years ago

Final Fantasy V Finally Makes It On Android

Android users unfortunately always seem to get jipped a bit when it comes to getting games seeing as how we get them months later than iOS users.

news · 4 years ago

Excalibur: Knights of the King Arrives on the Play Store

We’ve been tracking Excalibur: Knights of the King for over two months now.

news · 4 years ago

Final Fantasy All the Bravest Now Out on Android

Gear up you Final Fantasy fans as Square Enix has just released a new mobile game using the Final Fantasy brand called Final Fantasy All The Bravest.

review · 4 years ago

Reaper - Quest For the Perfect Gear

On your way back to the blacksmith’s shop, pockets laden with fresh gold from your recent adventures in slaying a massive swarm of giant hornets, you’re stopped by a panicked pygmy named Gork.

news · 4 years ago

Bring the Death in Reaper, Now On Android

After some great mobile hits like Radiant Defense and EVAC, Hexage is back with a new title called Reaper.