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Test your brain with all different kinds of Android puzzle games, from action adventure games, transport puzzles to Tetris-like brick games!

Ittle Dew Cover


Ludocity Finally Brings Indie Puzzle Adventure Ittle Dew to Android

Ittle Dew is a puzzle adventure game that combines dungeon crawling and RPG elements with the fun mechanics of the Zelda franchise.

Stack Rabbit Cover


Stack a Bunch of Veggies in Disney’s Latest Match Three Game Stack Rabbit

Help Ben the Rabbit hop around a board and stack veggies of the same type so that he can feed his sister’s little hungry bunnies.

Robo & Bobo Cover


3D Puzzle Game Robo and Bobo Shower Some Love on the Play Store

The challenges to getting Robo safely to his friend come by way of moving platforms, teleporters and other stuff.

Wake the Cat Cover


Chillingo’s Latest Release Wake the Cat! Promises Plenty of Cat Waking Fun

If you haven’t already guessed it yet, Wake the Cat is all about waking up a sweet little sleeping cat from its happy slumber in Grandma’s house.

Rabbids Big Bang Cover


Rabbids Big Bang - Like Angry Birds Meets Super Mario Galaxy… But Not

You never know what those rascally Rabbids will be up to next. This time out, they’re trying their hand at the Angry Birds formula, but with a twist! And a rocket pack.

Gibbets 2 Cover


Be a Hangman Hero in Gibbets 2

In Gibbets 2 each level has you in a situation involving various people hanging on poles.

Rabbids Big Bang Cover


Rabbids Big Bang Arrives on Android

Now you can get to smashing rabbids with baseball bats sending them hurtling into space with a jetpack trying to avoid planets and other planetary objects.

Bad Piggies Cover


Bad Piggies Ushers in Halloween with 30 Spooky Levels

The game gets a fresh new update with 30 levels of Tusk ‘til Dawn action that sees plenty of new piggies all dressed up to kill.



Dream of Pixels Brings Falling Tetrominos to Android

In Dream of Pixels, players must tap away the tetromino blocks up in the sky to eliminate them.

Humble Bundle


Pay What You Like, Humble Bundle 7 is Here with Another Awesome Deal

If you’ve been sitting with your Android device, pretty bored with what’s going on, this piece of news should brighten up your day.

Wheres My Water 2 Cover


Where’s My Water? 2 - Soak Up the Good Times

The original Where’s My Water? from Disney was a terrific puzzle game which employed water physics as its driving force of gameplay.

BOBs Super Freaky Job Cover


B.O.B.’s Super Freaky Job Continues The Franchise

In B.O.B.’s Super Freaky Job you play as B.O.B. as he embarks on a gravity defying quest in Area 50 something.

Where's My Water 2 Cover


Swampy is Back In Where’s My Water? 2

Where’s My Water? 2 features all the dirt digging, water finding action you came to expect from the original but enhanced with more features.

Naughty Bricks Cover


Time Manipulating Space Puzzler Naughty Bricks Strikes the Play Store

Naughty Bricks are attacking the earth and its up to you to use the Sun to strike them all out in one go.

Disneys Ghosts of Mistwood Cover


Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood Brings the Spook Factor to Android in Time for Halloween

Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood is a highly social SIM that made its mark initially as a Facebook game.



Microsoft Brings Xbox Live to Android Gaming With Wordament

Microsoft has decided to bring over their hit Windows Phone game, Wordament, to Android which also can be tied to your Xbox gamertag to win some achievements.

Disney Alice in Wonderland


Disney’s Enchanting Alice in Wonderland Sails into Android

Alice in wonderland is vibrant, its beautiful, its got all the characters of the original, and its got plenty of fun whimsical riddles to solve.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign Cover


Surprise Game Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Already On Android

This is super exciting since Infinitive Interactive hasn’t put out a Puzzle Quest game since 2010 with Puzzle Quest 2.

One Brutal Dungeon Cover


Can You Escape Stardog Games’ One Brutal Dungeon

Brett Munro, the lone indie developer of Stardog Games has just unleashed a gorgeous looking 3D labyrinth puzzle game that challenges you to escape one brutal dungeon with no maps but just breadcrumbs and a compass to guide you.

Angry Birds Telepods (Cover)


Telepods Are In! And Angry Birds Go! Is Getting Some

Last month we told you about a new Angry Birds kart racing game called Angry Birds Go!

Lost Chapters HD Cover


Mysterious Quests Beckon You in the Lost Chapters HD

Nexters Limited appears to have quietly launched its treasure hunting, quest solving game Lost Chapters HD in the Google Play Store.

The Secret Of Space Octopuses Cover


Want to Know The Secret Of Space Octopuses? Check out the Play Store Now

Midgar Studio’s The Secret Of Space Octopuses is a refreshing horizontal scrolling adventure that combines a bit of exploring, puzzle and combat elements.

Angry Birds Star Wars II Cover


Angry Birds Star Wars II - The Force Is Strong With This One

It could be argued that this is the first real mobile game with the burden of a legacy.



Gravity: Don’t Let Go App Companion For New Movie Released

Nowadays video games and movies are becoming more and more companions.

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