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Test your brain with all different kinds of Android puzzle games, from action adventure games, transport puzzles to Tetris-like brick games!

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Cover


Angry Birds Star Wars Saga Ends with Rovio’s Final Episode Update

While on the one hand the Angry Birds begin a new chapter in their life as kart racing champs, another one seems to be coming to an end.

Candy Crush Saga Cover


Candy Crush Saga Gets a Massive Update Brings a Dream World and More

Everybody’s favorite puzzle game Candy Crush Saga just got sweeter!

Cut The Rope Update Cover


ZeptoLab Updates All Versions of Cut the Rope With New Content

ZeptoLab updated new content for Cut The Rope: Time Travel, Cut the Rope: Experiments, and Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift.

Greedy Spiders Smash Cover


Time To Squish Some Spiders; Greedy Spiders Smash Out Now

There are 108 levels in Greedy Spiders Smash which translates to hours of gameplay.

Let’s Escape Cover


Puzzle Game Escape Action Lands on Android, Tests Your Room Breaking Skills

What will you do when you’ve been locked up in a secret house filled with mystery rooms with no way to get out?

Let’s Escape Cover


Let’s Escape Brings Plenty of Escape Action

You’re locked in a garage or a living room or a bathroom and you need to use all the random items within your grasp to escape the room.

Mighty Bots Cover


Robot Vs. Robot in Mighty Bots; A New Battle Puzzler Out Now

This may sound fairly typical but Mighty Bots actually seems rather fun and it isn’t just another IP crossover.

Brain Games Cover


Brain Games Tests Your Memory and Concentration Skills with Five Challenging Mini Games

This free game features five challenging mini games that should sharpen and detox your mind from all that endlessly mind numbing gaming soreness.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates Cover


Assassin’s Creed Pirates Comes To Mobile Devices

When Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag hit home consoles, Ubisoft also mentioned a pirate themed Assassin’s Creed game for mobile devices.

Angry Birds Seasons Cover


Deck Your Android with the Angry Birds Seasons Christmassy Update: Arctic Eggspedition

Cold winds and freezing snowstorms may chill you to the bone, but when Christmas is around the corner, you know there’s going to be something to keep you warm and cozy.

Micro MinersCover


Noodlecake Studios Brings Micro Miners to Android. Gold Silver and Coal is Yours for the Taking

The obstacles come in the form of lava streams, granite rocks or even open tunnels that lead you to the wrong resources and eventual demise.

The Rivers of Alice Cover


Rivers of Alice an Intriguing and Dreamlike Adventure Game Arrives on Android

The beautiful hand drawn graphics and enchanting soundtrack by Spanish indie-rock group vetusta morla make up the other cool aspects of the game.

Doctor Who Legacy Cover


The Doctor Who Fandom Continues With Doctor Who: Legacy

Doctor Who: Legacy plays like a match 3 Bejeweled type mobile game.

Solar Flux HD Cover


Refuel Suns in Firebrand Games’ Latest Puzzle Strategy Game Solar Flux HD

Solar Flux HD features 80 challenging missions and 4 unique galaxies that bring with them their own unique challenges.

Polarity Cover


Want To Hack Into a Bank? Try Polarity

Who knew that hacking is this easy and fun?

An Alien with a Magnet


Rejected Games Spins its Unlikely Winner An Alien with a Magnet on Android

You must avoid getting hit by asteroids, stay away from dark holes and keenly time your jumps.

Find Objects Cover


Search For All Sorts of Nonsense With Find Objects

Find Objects is very colorful and cartoony which eludes that it is just a kids game but it is not, all ages can enjoy the power of a objecting finding game.

Save the Furries Cover


Herocraft’s Little Green Alien Creatures Need Your Help: Save the Furries

The game has 50 challenging levels, each one offering fresh and clever challenges to tackle.

The Adventures of Mosaika


The Adventures of Mosaika - A Quieter, Gentler Adventure

Some video games are high-energy experience that are meant to keep you running and gunning for hours without so much as an opportunity to take a breather.

Principia Cover


Put Together Almost any Kind of Contraption in Physics Puzzler Principia

In Principia, you take control of a robot and help him accomplish the building tasks by using all or any of the 150 unique objects available in the sandbox editor.

Promised Lands Cover


GLHF’s Match Three Game Brings the Promised Lands on Android

You must build and match the tiles in such a manner that no empty tile is available.

Monster Loves You Cover


Monster Loves You Brings Fairy Tale Decision Making to Android

The game does not have one ending but fourteen and all of that depends on the choices you make as a growing monster.

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