news · 1 month ago

QuizUp Finally Available For Android

If you know someone with an iOS device or if you have one yourself you may have heard of the app by Plain Vanilla called QuizUp.

Smash Hit Cover

news · 1 month ago

Shatter Glass Brazenly in Mediocre’s Latest Game Smash Hit

Mediocre, well known for its physics based puzzle game Sprinkle Islands has just released a visually engaging endless smasher game on Android called Smash Hit.


news · 1 month ago

Angry Birds Aftershock Sparks 15 New Short Fuse Levels for Fans

The Angry Birds Bomb bird has been receiving special attention from makers Rovio after a special Angry Birds episode called Short Fuse was dedicated to it.

Another Case Solved Cover

news · 1 month ago

Think You Have What It Takes To Solve The Case? Try With Another Case Solved

Noodlecake Studios has published some pretty fun and awesome games like Blockheads and Super Stickman Golf, not adding to their list is a game called Another Case Solved.

Weird Trollface Match - Ddd  Cover

news · 1 month ago

Weird Trollface Match – Ddd ! is an Absurd Puzzle Game Set in the Olympics Arena

In this game, you are set to participate in the Olympics, but there seems to be an evil troll who is determined to ruin the fun by increasing your chances of winning through foul play.

Lightomania Cover

news · 1 month ago

Solve Puzzles to Steal Lightbulbs for Two Adorable Fuzz Balls in Lightomania

In Nravo Inc.’s puzzle game, you make use of the fuzzy creatures’ tongues as a catapult to get them to the light source.

Caveboy Escape Cover

news · 1 month ago

Caveboy Escape is a Charming Tile Connecting Puzzle Game from Appxplore

Appxplore, the guys who previously brought alien evolving puzzle game Alien Hive, are back with another match three puzzler called Caveboy Escape.

Gentlemen Ricochet Cover

news · 2 months ago

Gentlemen…Ricochet! is a Physics Based Shooter you Play with the Elite

Enough with the boys’ games. Its time now to play in style… with your top hat and monocle gentlemen.

NothingElse - A macabre Tale (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

Fancy A Scare? Check out NothingElse – A Macabre Tale

If you like scary or horror video games then Android has quite a bit you can check out.


news · 2 months ago

Mi-Clos Studio’s Space Survival SIM Out There Finally Arrives on Android

Indie game studio Mi-Clos has been teasing us for some time now with their space survival SIM “Out There”.

The Room Two (Cover)

review · 2 months ago

The Room Two - Make Some Room for This Puzzler

Originally launched in April 2013 on Google Play, The Room has become an award-winning puzzler from Fireproof Games, an independent game development studio based in Guildford, UK.

Optical Inquisitor 17 (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

Become an Ace Sniper in CMG’s Shooter Game Optical Inquisitor 17+

Betrayal by friends is almost impossible to forget or forgive, but if you have to spend 8 years in prison because of such a betrayal; well… that doesn’t deserve forgiveness.

Gobliiins Trilogy (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

DotEmu Brings Point and Click Retro Classic Gobliiins Trilogy to Android

DotEmu is at it again. They are well known for bringing classic retro games from the past to mobile devices in a way that does plenty of justice to the original.

Angry Birds Rio 26 new levels

news · 2 months ago

Angry Birds Rio Gets 20 New High Dive Levels in Latest Update

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the Angry Birds movie Rio is getting a sequel Rio 2, and in celebration of the upcoming event, Rovio has released 20 new levels plus six bonus ones (based on the upcoming movie) in Angry Birds Rio.

Happy Monsters (1)

news · 2 months ago

Happy Monsters Brings Interesting Puzzle Idea

When it comes to puzzle games I feel I’ve seen every iteration that a developer can think of.

Dandelions Chain of Seeds (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

Breath Deep And Blow; Dandelions Chain of Seeds

Is there anything more relaxing or zen based then picking up a dandelion and blowing the seeds to just watch them float around.

Dropdot (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

Need A Game For Your Kid? Dropdot Does The Trick

To be honest most games designed for kids, especially young kids, suck. They have bad graphics, boring and trite gameplay and just are not well polished.

Glyph Quest (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

Enter A New Fantasy World With Glyph Quest

Newcomer developer team, Alex, Leanne and Sproglet, are here to bring you their debut game Glyph Quest.

The King of Chicago (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

Cinemaware Ports Classic Amiga Game The King of Chicago to Android

Chicago in the 1930’s will always be remembered for the mobster antics of Capone.

Doomdark's Revenge Cover

news · 2 months ago

Another Retro Hit Brought To Android; Doomdark’s Revenge

Developers lately seem to love bringing old retro video game classics to Android to give them a second chance and a second wind.

Neon Shadow (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

Ouya Shows Some Valentine’s Day Love with Price Drops on Three Games

The company announced over Twitter that three of their popular titles will be getting a big price drop, in lieu of Valentine’s Day.

The Room Two Colored

news · 2 months ago

The Room 2 Opens Its Doors to All Mystery Loving Android Fans

The sequel to the BAFTA award winning game The Room, simply known as The Room Two has finally arrived on Android.

Wimp Ultimate Cover

news · 2 months ago

Enter a Dreamworld with Wimp: Ultimate

The main character of FlexileStudio’s latest game, Wimp: Ultimate, is simply called Wimp.

Angry Birds Stella

news · 2 months ago

Rovio Teases Us with the Art for Their Upcoming Game Angry Birds Stella

Rovio appears to be constantly pushing the boundaries of what the Angry birds can do next.

PolyFauna Cover

news · 2 months ago

Radiohead Releases Eerie New Experimental Collaboration Called PolyFauna

The description for the game on the Play Store explains it as a game borne out of “an interest in early computer life-experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious.

Shardlands Cover

news · 2 months ago

Shardlands Is a Beautiful Atmospheric 3D Puzzle Game with Elements of Stealth Action

What happens if you find yourself in an alien world filled with big scary monsters? Try to figure your way out of it of course.

Rocket Robo

review · 2 months ago

Rocket ROBO - This Little Robot Rocks

Rocket ROBO is puzzle-platform game which manages to provide both charm and, in time, challenge. Young and old alike should be able to appreciate what it has to offer, though by how much remains to be seen.

Only One Cover

news · 2 months ago

Be the Only One Standing Tall in this Arena Styled Sword Fighting Game

You don’t always have to use your sword to get to your enemies, you also score points to shove them off the pillar.

Cubot Cover

news · 2 months ago

Are You Smart Enough to Figure Out Cubot?

At its surface Cubot seems like a rather simple box puzzle game. The overall goal is to simply move a cube to its arrival tile.

Detective Grimoire (Cover)

review · 2 months ago

Detective Grimoire - Play as a Private Eye

I easily get attached to a good detective game. It makes me want to get to the bottom of things – fast. Well, it does help if your favorite TV series is Criminal Minds.

Overdroy (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

A Classic Platforming Challenge; Overdroy

Classic video games like Mario and Sonic are the most inspirational games ever and countless games/developers credit them.

Rocket Cube Cover

news · 2 months ago

A Tetris-like Shooter? Try Rocket Cube

Everyone and their mother knows how to play Tetris or at least understands the concept of it.

Gemini Rue (Cover)

review · 2 months ago

Gemini Rue - Off-World Adventure Noir

Gemini Rue is an inquisitive point-and-click adventure game developed by Joshua Nuernberger and published by Wadjet Eye Games on Google Play.

Rocket ROBO Cover

news · 2 months ago

When You Can No Longer See the Stars in the Sky, its Time to Get Rocket Robo

If a beautiful story is what entices you into downloading a game, Rocket ROBO’s game description should certainly have you grabbing this one right away.

Monster Busters Cover

news · 2 months ago

Bust Monsters to Save Gingerbreads in the Match Three Puzzler MonsterBusters

Match three puzzles come in all shapes and sizes and even though there’s hardly any more surprising elements left in the genre you still find them hard to resist.

The Woolies - Puzzle for Kids Cover

news · 2 months ago

The Woolies – Puzzle for Kids is a Jigsaw You’ve Got to Let Your Kids Play

Are your kids bugging you to let them play a game on your smartphone or tablet? Then The Woolies – Puzzle for Kids from Eery Lab is a game you’ve got to let them play.

Puzzle Defense Dragons Cover

news · 3 months ago

A Twist On Tower Defending; Puzzle Defense: Dragons

I love it when developers combine two different and fairly different video game dynamics to create one completely unique game.

Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy Cover

news · 3 months ago

Games Can Be Art; Amerzone The Explorer’s Legacy

If you haven’t heard of Benoît Sokal then you’re in for a treat with this newly released game.

Pyro Jump Cover

news · 3 months ago

Feed Your Inner Flame With Pyro Jump

Imagine this. You’re a cute little flame and you’re trying to catch the princess…but she’s made out of paper! Oh No!

Dawn of the Plow Cover

news · 3 months ago

Become a Master Snow Plower with the Goofy Arcade Game Dawn of the Plow

Dawn of the Plow is a game that’s landed on Android at rather an interesting time.

GA9 Sultans of Rema Cover

news · 3 months ago

The Adventures in Rema Continue with Tin Man Games’ Sequel GA9: Sultans of Rema

Tin Man Games, known for their gamebook adventure games should keep you engaged for hours with their recent release GA9: Sultans of Rema.

Rogue Beyond The Shadows Cover

news · 3 months ago

Go on a Mission to Discover Your Lost Identity in Action RPG Rogue: Beyond the Shadows

Codestalkers, makers of Everland: Unleash the Magic have launched their second game on Android called Rogue: Beyond the Shadows.

Slender Man Origins

news · 3 months ago

Time For A New Pair of Pants; Slender Man Origins

In recent times the Slender Man mythos has made a huge occurrence in popular culture especially with the simple PC horror game Slender.

Morphopolis Cover

news · 3 months ago

Visually Stunning Point and Click Adventure Morphopolis Creeps into the Play Store

Indie Studio Micro Macro Games’ rich, artistic, and visually enrapturing point and click adventure game Morphopolis has hit the Play Store.

Grandpa and the Zombies Cover

news · 3 months ago

Grandpa and the Zombies is a Comical Puzzle Game from Tivola

Grandpa Wily gets the shock of his life when he wakes up from his hospital bed to find that the world has been overtaken by zombies.

Atomic Fusion Cover

news · 3 months ago

Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider Turns You into an Element Mixing Quantum Physicist

Physics and chemistry were never my favorite subjects in school and I never could get my mind around all those protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom.

Music Quiz Cover

news · 3 months ago

Heard that Tune Before? Name it Now in the Music Quiz Game

Think you know your music? How about challenging your musical knowledge by naming tunes?

Ferris Mueller's Day Off Cover

news · 3 months ago

Ferris Mueller’s Day Off Takes You on a Point and Click Adventure in Search of a Mule

Everybody needs a day off, even the humble barnyard mule Ferris Mueller.

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