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Test your brain with all different kinds of Android puzzle games, from action adventure games, transport puzzles to Tetris-like brick games!

Sparkle 2 Cover


Sparkle 2 - Eye Catching Marble Shooter with Extra Frills

Developers 10tons Ltd certainly know how you zap you into a rather stale and unimaginative marble shooter game.

Scribblenauts Remix Cover


Scribblenauts Remix - Great Sandbox, Good Game

When I first started reading about Scribblenauts back in 2009 I wanted to play it so bad. The Nintendo DS was still high-tech stuff back then.

Tiny Token Empires Cover


Tiny Token Empires - Strategize and Match Tokens to Conquer the World

What do you get when you take Roman, Persian, Carthaginians, Greek, and Egyptian warriors and power them up with matching tokens?

Slydris Cover


Slydris - The Puzzle of the Future

Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes, especially in mobile gaming.

Hiversaires Cover


Hiversaires - Enter the Unknown

You’re standing in an unfamiliar corridor with no recollection as to how you got there or where you were going.

Finding Teddy Cover


Finding Teddy - Help the Girl Find Her Teddy in a Mysterious World

I always found pixelated games a step back from today’s real-word graphics, so I’m not so keen on playing most of them.

Feed That Dragon Cover


Feed That Dragon - A Medieval Styled Physics Puzzler

Dragons don’t always have to be fierce fire-blowing frightful creatures that are hunted down.

Sprinkle Islands Thumb


Sprinkle Islands Trailer Shows Gameplay

No, it’s not a new Barbie resort. It’s not a nice Carribean island with white sand and whiter coconuts.

TinyThief Thumb


Rovio Stars To Go Through With Tiny Thief – Gameplay Trailer Released

Rovio Stars (publishing branch of Rovio, creators of Angry Birds) announced first two games, Icebreaker – Viking Voyage and Tiny Thief.

Bejeweled Blitz Thumb


Bejeweled Blitz - A Beloved Classic On Steroids

My first love affair with puzzle games came with Popcap’s iconic game, Bejeweled.

The Room Thumb


The Room - A Compact Conundrum

Leaning back in your chair, you take a long, slow, contemplative puff on your wooden pipe hoping to receive some sort of enlightened revelation as to how to proceed next.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Cover


Larry Is Coming Back!

The slick is back in town. My first reaction to this news was “hahahahaha, ok, let’s bring Wet reloaded and I can die in peace”.

Angry Birds Friends Cover


Angry Birds Friends - Murderin’ Swine With Your Buddies

It’s kind of hard to dislike a company like Rovio. Here we have a game developer who in a lot of ways legitimized mobile devices as a gaming platform and made millions doing it despite a lack of shady business practices.

Cube Cover


Cube - A Throwback To A Classic Puzzle

If you were old enough to be around in the 80’s, then you surely will remember a toy called the Rubic’s cube.

Wordsplosion Cover


Wordsplosion - Guess Words As Fast As You Can

Word games can be very challenging if you don’t have a wide vocabulary, so it’s important that it’s presented in a fun, engaging way without being too difficult.

Cut the Rope Time Travel Cover


Cut the Rope: Time Travel - Candy Chomping Om Nom Travels Back In Time For Sweet Pleasures

When Cut the Rope was released way back in 2010, it was a phenomenal success.

Freeze Cover


Freeze! - A Dark Journey To The Unseen

It’s hard to find completely unique puzzle games these days, what with more games copying other popular ones.

Catapult King  Cover


Catapult King - Knock Down Towers And Rescue A Princess

The success of slingshot games like Angry Birds can be attributed to two things: simple game play and engaging characters.

Alien Hive Cover


Alien Hive - Building An Alien Colony Is Bizarre, Yet Fun!

Most tile matching puzzle games have one thing in common: they are unending and pointless.

Abyss - The Wraiths of Eden Cover


Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden - A Spooky Underwater Adventure Set to Enthrall You

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden is an underwater mystery adventure involving a lost city, missing people, hidden objects, and supernatural creatures.

Roby Tumbler Cover


Roby Tumbler - Your Anti-Gravity Hero Fix

Roby Tumbler is yet another physics-based arcade game with a new twist. With its quirky graphics and an even quirkier premise, this game is a class on its own.

Catch the Candy Cover


Catch The Candy - Not As Easy As It Sounds

Catch the Candy is another physics-based game that follows in the success of other similar games like Cut the Rope, but with a lot of these already in the Play Store, does this game offer something different?

Toy Story Smash It Cover


Toy Story: Smash It! - A Light Buzz

Buzz Lightyear stands on a rickety wooden scaffolding, pondering his immediate future as a demolitions expert.

A typical level in Rescue Roby


Rescue Roby HD - An Engaging Puzzler For All Ages

It’s not easy building a game that all age groups will enjoy — it has to be easy to get into, yet challenge players and offer variety in terms of gameplay, and look good to boot.

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