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Test your brain with all different kinds of Android puzzle games, from action adventure games, transport puzzles to Tetris-like brick games!



BulkyPix’s Run and Roll Game Orborun Speeds onto the Play Store

A run and roll game is where you take a Orbot, make him run endlessly on 3D platforms and when the going gets tough, turn him into a ball so that he can roll through the rest of the journey and reach the finish line.

The Last Express Cover


The Last Express - All Aboard! Solve Murder Mysteries Before WW1 Breaks Out!

The Last Express is a video game from the mid-nineties. The point-and-click adventure takes place in 1914, shortly before the outbreak of World War One in Europe.

Zebuloids (Cover)


Zebuloids - A Charming Isometric Puzzler

Puzzle games are versatile. You can play a quick level to take your mind off something; you can see how far you go while waiting for somebody; or you can play it at length just to test your old noodle.

Help Me Fly (Cover)


Cute and Cartoony Puzzle Game Help Me Fly Lands on the Play Store

Help Me Fly from Funtomic is a colorful and fun looking puzzle game where you need to connect batteries to power up Joe’s plane that’s just crashed.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 (Cover)


Angry Birds Star Wars II Makes a Grand Entrance on the Play Store a Day Early

Fans of the ever popular Angry Birds franchise certainly received an exciting surprise when Rovio Entertainment released their highly anticipated sequel Angry Birds Star Wars II a day early.

Incredipede (Cover)


Incredipede: Possibly the Weirdest Creature You’ll Ever Meet is Now on the Play Store

We’ve tackled all kinds of crazy fauna on the Play Store, but you’ll be amazed at Quozzle, the hero of the unique puzzle game Incredipede by Sarah Northway.

Underwater Adventures Cover


Underwater Adventures Beckon You to the Deep End of the Ocean

Underwater Adventures, the brainchild of Syd Software in collaboration with Applits, is a challenging adventure game that puts your navigational skills to the test in the deep end of the ocean.

Angry Birds Star Wars Update Cover


Angry Birds Star Wars Gets Massive Update In Preparation For Sequel

For all you who don’t know, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is slated to be released on September 19th and Rovio has sort of taken to doing a countdown this week till the release.

Zebuloids Cover


Meet the Cute and Colorful Aliens, the Zebuloids on Google Play

It seems to be a habit for spaceships to keep crashing onto beautiful planets and then looting, vandalizing and terrorizing its inhabitants.

Combat Cats Cover


Hurry and Rescue the Catnip Back – Combat Cats Now On Android

If you have a cat at home you should know that they go crazy for catnip…at least mine does and acts like she’ll do anything for it.

Simon the Sorcerer Cover


Simon The Sorcerer - Happy Birthday Simon

It seems that remake and remastered versions of old classic video games are becoming a huge appearance lately on Google Play.



Rovio Showcases Latest Angry Birds Star Wars II Crew: Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn and More

As the big day (September 19th) for Angry Birds Star Wars II fans draws closer, Rovio Entertainment is pumping up the excitement by showing off the game’s characters on their YouTube Channel.

Link the Slug (cover)


Link The Slug, Bulky Pix’s Latest Game is Ready for Play

Similar to match 3 games, Link the Slugs involves matching slugs instead of jewels, balls or other items.

TheRoomEpilogue (cover)


Free Epilogue Content Updated For The Room

It seems Fireproof read all the comments and decided to put out a free update for the epilogue for The Room.

The Last Express (cover)


The Last Express Grinds to a Halt on the Play Store

Murder, Mystery, Intrigue, Romance… there’s only one place where you can expect all of this to happen.

Containment (cover)


Contain the Infection in Containment the Zombie Puzzler

There hasn’t been many straight zombie puzzle mobile games so Containment The Zombie Puzzler is a neat take on the genre void.

Simon The Sorcerer (cover)


20th Anniversary Edition of Simon the Sorcerer Arrives on Android

Simon the Sorcerer was a point and click adventure game that made the headlines when it was first launched as a PC game in 1993.



Join the Pork Side in September With Angry Birds Star Wars II

The Angry Birds juggernaut is continuing to steam roll on your mobile devices.

Maniac Manor Cover


Maniac Manors - Complete Puzzles, Stay Sane and Find Your Son. Fast!

Maniac Manors, a point and click 3D adventure game just released for Android. Apparently, it’s a rip off the popular Maniac Mansion title. But can it live up to the challenge?

Out There Cover


Explore Mi-Clos Studio’s Out There in Its Latest Gamescom Trailer

Mi-Clos Studio’s space explorer game Out There may still be weaving its way into the Android galaxy, but there’s lots of fresh screenshots and trailers that are doing the rounds to whet the appetite of eager fans.

Dots A Game About Connecting Cover


Dots: A Game About Connecting - Modernizing a Classic

Dots — first released on iOS earlier this year — is a modern take on an addictive puzzle classic, which has a lot of refinement and has obviously seen plenty of care from its makers. It’s hard not to fall in love with this game.

Jumping Jupingo Cover


Jumping Jupingo - Spinning a Tangled Web

Every game that you play contains a certain appeal factor that draws you into its fold.

Telekinesis Kyle Cover


Telekinesis Kyle Will Test Your Brain, Out Now!

I bet Cartman from South park would enjoy this game (it has nothing to do with mentioned series).



iOS Mega Hit Game Dots: A Game About Connecting Arrives on Android

Sometimes the most simplest of games can be the most entertaining.

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