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Halfbrick Studios Releases Band Stars on Android So You Can Jam Like a Rock Star

If you have always secretly nursed the ambition to become a rock star but never got around to forming the band of your dreams, here’s your chance to bring that dream to reality…

Wonder Wood Cover


Interact with Cute Animals and Rehabilitate Them in Wonder Wood for Android

If there is a paradise on earth for cute animals it has to be Wonder Wood, the fairy tale glade that takes your breath away with its beauty and magical atmosphere.

Clamber Cover


Clamber, a Cute Endless Climbing Game Creeps into the Play Store

Clamber, is a cute endless climber that will have you pulling and stretching a googly-eyed creature around the environment in the hope of helping him climb to the top…



How Far Can You Throw? Check Out This Launcher, Ninja Toss

Bulkypix is at it again and has published a new game called Ninja Toss.

Just Escape Cover


Figure Your Way Out of Locked Rooms in Puzzle Game Just Escape

In the game, you have to solve several pieces of puzzles in order to escape a medieval castle and a futuristic room.

Timberman Cover


Take up Your Axe and Become a Wood Chopping Timberman on Android

If you love old school arcade games, you’re going to like Digital Melody’s latest launch on Google Play called Timberman.

Dragon Coins Cover


SEGA’s Coin-Dozer Game with RPG Elements Dragon Coins Lands on Android

If you’re a fan of coin-dozer games, SEGA’s got an interesting one lined up on the Play Store called Dragon Coins.

Tamagotchi Angel Cover


Tamagotchi Angel Comes To Android

When mobile gaming really started getting big I was hoping that someone would port the crazy fad that was Tamagotchi to mobile devices.

Dig to China Cover


Dig to China is an Fun Title Busting Game for Android

There are plenty of sane ways to visit China, but these game developers prefer to make you dig your way down to the country in their first mobile launch, aptly titled Dig to China.

Beach God Cover


Flex Your Biceps and Show ’em Who’s Hot in the Impossibly Vain Game Beach God

Stroll into a beach and what do you see…. all those gorgeous babes strutting around in the tiniest of beach wear!

NEO Mushroom Garden Cover


Grow a Crazy Garden with NEO Mushroom Garden

NEO Mushroom Garden has some pretty neat and big additions.

Clumsy Ninja Cover


Wanted: Someone to Train a Stumbling Bumbling Clumsy Ninja

The Ninjas are highly trained warriors known for their covert methods of fighting.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff


Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Brings Chicken Fights and Humorous Quests to Android

TinyCo, the team behind Tiny Monsters has launched its latest game on Google Play called Family Guy The Quest for Stuff.

Goldrush Coin Falls Cover


Become a Coin Collector with the Coin Dozer Casino Game Goldrush Coin Falls

Goldrush Coin Falls is the second game in the Coin Falls series and involves dropping coins on a many-tiered machine in order to collect as many of them as you possibly can at the end.



Action Rhythm Music Game DJMax Technika Q Hits Google Play

In the game, you will be required to tap the screen when the timeline moves across the notes.

LEGO® City My City Cover


The Lego Group Bundles 7 Mini Games in One Fun Package LEGO® City My City

Its not everyday that you find a really fun kid-friendly game on the Play Store.

Break The Bricks Cover


Break the Bricks is a Brain Teaser that Challenges You to Leave Nothing on the Board

Breaking blocks of tiles of the same color is child’s play. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Radiohammer Cover


Beat Social Evils Away with Rhythm Based Action Game Radiohammer

Vinyl Lab, makers of the rhythm action game Radiohammer believe that love and music are the only true forces in the world that can defeat social evils and bring peace.



Another OUYA Exclusive Out; Soul Fjord

A few weeks ago I posted a quick news article about another new OUYA exclusive called Soul Fjord that was coming January 28th.

Bad Hotel Cover


Bad Hotel - Quirky TDS That Plays to a Different Beat

Lucky Frame’s unassuming title Bad Hotel is a surprisingly delightful take on a popular genre, tower defense.

Neon Beat Cover


Neon Beat is a Breakout Game with Plenty of Lights and Sound

What do you get when you mix breakout elements with visually stunning graphics and a pulsating soundtrack?

Bad Hotel Cover


Musical Tower Defense Game Bad Hotel Sets Up Shop on Android

You’ve probably played a ton of tower defense games before, but I’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like Bad Hotel before.

Hello Kitty Tap and Run Cover


Namco Bandai’s Adorable RPG Runner Hello Kitty Tap and Run is Here to Cheer

Its hard to resist the adorable charm and sweetness of the Hello Kitty characters.

Deemo Cover


Deemo, a Musical Game with a Mysterious Story Arrives on Android

Joining the ranks of finger tapping musical games like Guitar Hero is a new rhythm game from Rayark Inc. called Deemo.

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