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news · 2 months ago

Might & Mayhem Gets an Open Beta Launch on Android

Kiz Studios have a new game on Android, one that’s still in beta but looks very promising.


news · 2 months ago

The Superhero Strikes Again as Batman Arkham Origins Land on Android

Gotham City’s favorite hero Batman has been absent for quite a long time on the Android platform.


news · 2 months ago

Get Ready for your Dream Match as The King of Fighters ’98 Lands on Google Play

The King of Fighters ’98, the fifth game in the popular series has landed on the Play Store.


news · 2 months ago

Bug Heroes 2 Marches into Google Play to Raid your Working Hours

Waterbugs, termites, mice, roaches, ants and flies are the bugs that come out to play when you leave your home unattended for any length of time.


news · 2 months ago

Defeat the Minions of the Dark Lord in Epic Side Scrolling Fighter Blackmoor

If you have a weakness for good old fashioned brawling, its time to take a look at this refreshingly over-the-top side scroller from Indie studio Mooff Games. Its called Blackmoor…


news · 2 months ago

Beat Your Opponents to a Bloody Pulp in Snazzy Fighter Game Fightback

In the game, you play a well built hero whose sister has been kidnapped by a bunch of villains.


news · 3 months ago

Bring Out Your Inner Warrior with Kung-Fu Fighting Game Dragon Finga

The game’s hero is a rather silly looking fellow, made even more ridiculous by the antics he throws when trying to overcome his enemies.


news · 3 months ago

nanoRPG is Little Bits of Role Playing Fun for your Android

In nanoRPG you play a brave hero who must save a pretty lass who has been kidnapped by an evil dragon.


news · 4 months ago

Kick the Living Daylights out of your Opponent in Fighter Game Haymaker on Ouya 

Itching to pick a street fight with your friend? Why not invite him or her to play on your Ouya device with Haymaker.


news · 4 months ago

Bleeding Edge; Ninja Action Game Full of Gore

The idea behind Bleeding Edge is extremely simple but ,as I always say, it is that simplicity that makes it addicting.


news · 4 months ago

Glorious Maximus; Will You Rise to the Top In Brawler?

Sneaky Games just published their latest game Glorious Maximus which puts you smack dab in the middle of Ancient Rome as you aim for the highest rank.

Dark Lands Cover

news · 4 months ago

Silhouette Action Platformer Dark Lands Comes to the Play Store Courtesy Bulkypix

Dark Lands was a roaring success on the Windows platform and it should hardly be surprising as the game has plenty of good things going for it.

Spy Wars Cover

news · 4 months ago

Spy Vs. Spy…Sort of; Spy Wars

Spy Wars by HotHead Games brings to the table an interesting back story.


news · 5 months ago

King’s League: Odyssey is a Deeply Engaging Strategy Game for Android from Gamenauts

King’s League: Odyssey gained popularity as a web game with over 8 million plays and its entry into Android should only increase its fame.

Battle Gems (AdventureQuest) Cover

news · 5 months ago

Battle Gems (AdventureQuest) a Gem Matching Battle Game Checks into Google Play

Battle Gems is a colorful turn based battle game from Artix Entertainment where you take on your enemies by matching four types of gems.

Mini Warriors Cover

news · 5 months ago

Mini Battles in Mini Warriors; Loads of Action

How can you make war cute or at least seem cute? The answer is simple; make everything super tiny!

AERENA - Clash of Champions HD Cover

news · 5 months ago

AERENA – Clash of Champions HD Arrives On The Play Store

Ready for an interesting take all around on the tactical strategy genre?

Groundskeeper2 Cover

news · 5 months ago

Enjoy Glorious Pixelated Shoot ‘em Up Action on your Android with Groundskeeper2

OrangePixel, the guys who brought you fun games such as Heroes of Loot and Gunslugs have outed their latest game on Android called Groundskeeper2.

Dancing Samurai Cover

news · 5 months ago

Dancing Samurai; Great Game for Multiplayer

Most games nowadays are either straight singleplayer or have a huge multiplayer aspect but it is all through forced social media interaction.

Dungeon 1on1 Cover

news · 6 months ago

Shoot with Friends in Retro Social Game Dungeon 1on1

Dungeon 1on1 is a competitive shooting game that has you fighting against a rival for shooting down the most number of enemies in a dungeon.

Dark Guardians Cover

news · 6 months ago

Combat Monsters in the Rhythm Based Endless Runner Dark Guardians

Dark Guardians by Studio Baikin is an endless runner with a difference.

Flop Fu - Physics Fighter Cover

news · 6 months ago

Forgot Kung Fu, It is Flop Fu!

Fighting games are a very popular video game genre but for the most part are taken a little too seriously.

Wonder Momo Typhoon Booster Cover

news · 6 months ago

Bikini Idol Turned Hero? Only in Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster

Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster by NAMCO BANDAI Games is certainly an interesting one.

Captain America TWS Cover

news · 6 months ago

Superhero Time is Here as Captain America: TWS Lands on Android

Last month we told you that Captain America: The Winter Soldier would be landing on Android in March, Gameloft has kept its date with fans, as promised.

Sumotori Dreams Cover

news · 6 months ago

Popular PC Game Sumotori Dreams Comes to Android

Sumotori Dreams, the popular PC game from has landed on Android.

Color Sheep

news · 6 months ago

Humble Mobile Bundle 4 Just Got More Awesome with 3 Bonus Games

Last week we told you about the Humble Mobile Bundle 4 that featured fantastic games such as Badland, Catan, Vector, Riptide GP2 and Zombie Gunship, and Breach & Clear.

Crosstown Smash Cover

news · 7 months ago

Crosstown Smash Brings Fighting All Over Town

PANC Software, a relatively newcomer, has just released their beat ‘em up game Crosstown Smash.

Endless Boss Fight

news · 7 months ago

Never Ending Fun; Endless Boss Fight

I play a lot of flash/browser games and one prevalent theme in them is survival mode and endless battle modes, specifically with big boss battles.

Fright Fight Online Brawler Cover

news · 7 months ago

Fright Fight is a Ghoulish Free For All Brawler You Can Play Online with Friends

The chances of playing a Nintendo game on your mobile phone looks very unlikely, but if you have a fancy for Super Smash Bros’ style online brawlers, its time to pick up your Android and scoop up APPSolute Games’ latest launch Fright Fight.

Colossus Escape Cover

news · 7 months ago

Colossus Escape is a Colorful Runner Where You Are Chased by a God

Graphically speaking at least, Colossus Escape is certainly an eye catching game.

Brandnew Boy (Cover)

review · 7 months ago

Brandnew Boy - Fresh ARPG Shows Promise

Brandnew Boy is a stylish action RPG from Oozoo. This Android game runs on Unreal engine which features stunning graphics – with smooth frame rates – and lighting fast gameplay.

Brandnew Boy Cover

news · 7 months ago

Brandnew Boy Out On Android

Games in general keep getting more and more intense in terms of everything!

Only One Cover

news · 7 months ago

Be the Only One Standing Tall in this Arena Styled Sword Fighting Game

You don’t always have to use your sword to get to your enemies, you also score points to shove them off the pillar.

Castle Raid 2 Cover

news · 9 months ago

Are You Prepared? Castle Raid 2 Is Here!

After the original Castle Raid you would think the war and battling would be over.

UFB - Ultimate Fighting Bros (Cover)

news · 9 months ago

Inspired by Mixed Martial Arts Comes UFB – Ultimate Fighting Bros

Time to step in the ring and man up! Put on an epic show of pure fighting in UFB – Ultimate Fighting Bros, inspired by mixed martial arts and the UFC.

Sensei Wars Cover

news · 9 months ago

It’s Sensei Versus Sensei in Sensei Wars

Each player in Sensei Wars gets their own dojo which you need to protect at all costs.

Double Dragon Trilogy Cover

news · 10 months ago

Knightmare Tower Arrives on the Play Store to Work its Magic on Eager Gamers

Knightmare Tower, the game that blew your mind away when you first played it on on your web browser is back with a bang to accompany wherever you go.

Double Dragon Trilogy Cover

news · 10 months ago

DotEmu Brings All The Co-Op Arcade Action With Double Dragon Trilogy

Back in the infancy of video games, arcade style fighting and beat ‘em up games were king.

Injustice Gods Among Us (Cover)

review · 10 months ago

Injustice: Gods Among Us - A Grave Injustice?

The first thing you need to know about Injustice: Gods Among Us for Android is that it is not the same game as Injustice: Gods Among Us on consoles and PC. The second thing you should know is that despite being billed as a collectible card game, it still features combat which hews towards its fighting game origins.

Injustice Gods Among Us Cover

news · 10 months ago

Injustice: Gods Among Us Finally Ported To Android

Injustice: Gods Among Us delivers pretty good 3D graphics with multiple animations for each character’s power.


news · 10 months ago

The Original Soulcalibur Now In Your Pocket

In case you don’t remember that is a 19 character roster for Soulcalibur each with unique movesets.


news · 10 months ago

Old School Fighting; The King of Fighters ’97 Out Now

The King of Fighters ’97 is a classic which SNK PLAYMORE has ported over and you get to play as one of the legendary King of Fighters teams.


news · 11 months ago

Fist of Awesome; From Kickstarter Dream to Google Play Reality

In Fist of Awesome you are mainly punching and fighting bears Street Fighter style.

I Gladiator Cover

news · 11 months ago

I, Gladiator Makes its Theatrical Debut on Play Store

Gladiators of the Roman kind may not be in action in the real world anymore, but they definitely live on in the mobile world.

Middle Manager of Justice Cover

review · 1 year ago

Middle Manager of Justice - Double Fine’s Awesome Take on Office Sims

Middle Manager of Justice is one of those games that gets by on charisma before you ever even consider the mechanics.

The Mortal Instruments Cover

review · 1 year ago

The Mortal Instruments - How To Make Vampire Slaying Boring

The clunky gameplay, lazy sound effects and barely passable graphics turn PlayFirst Inc’s video game adaptation of the popular adult fantasy novels into something you can miss without a second thought.

Middle Manager of Justice (1)

news · 1 year ago

Middle Manager of Justice Stomps onto Android, Whips Heroes into Action

In this slick game, players take on the role of the new recruit of Justice Corp, whose job is to hire superheroes and train them to fight evil bosses…

The Mortal Instruments Cover

news · 1 year ago

Movie Game The Mortal Instruments Hits the Small Screen

The Mortal Instruments is a 2D fighting game where you create your own shadowhunter character and go off beating and punching various demon forces.

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