Orris HD Cover

news · 7 months ago

No Fuss 2D Platformer Orris HD Hits the Play Store

You don’t always need a powerful storyline to accompany a good game.

Gravity Guy 2

news · 7 months ago

Gravity Guy 2 Arrives On Android With Clones for Company

Defying the government comes at a price. Even if you are the popular Gravity Guy.

Fox Tales The Skeleton King

news · 7 months ago

Delightfully Charming Stealth Adventure Fox Tales: The Skeleton King Arrives on Android

The hero of this delightfully charming game is Kizu, a young fox, who dashes off into the woods when he hears the cries of a damsel in distress.

Sir Id Like To Report a Bug

news · 7 months ago

Sir! I’d Like To Report A Bug! is a 2D Platformer of the Weird Kind

Reggie’s world is turned upside down when a top secret virtual reality hardware experiment goes wrong and bugs and glitches are unleashed into his world.

Pocket Trains (Cover)

review · 7 months ago

Pocket Trains - Come on the Train, and Run It!

When developing their hit title Pocket Planes, NimbleBit was originally going to make the game Pocket Trains, but instead opted to embrace the power of flight instead of traveling across the countryside via boxcar.


news · 7 months ago

TMNT: Rooftop Run Brings the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action to Android

Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael, the famous teenage mutant ninja turtles, who always brought out the kid ninja in you has now landed on Android courtesy MTV Networks.

Time Surfer Cover

news · 7 months ago

Time Surfer Available on Google Play

An 80’s themed surfer on time waves constantly escaping mortal danger is available in Play store for $0.99.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Cover

news · 7 months ago

Get Ready For Some Guns, Glory, and Zombies With Guns’n’Glory Zombies

A while ago developer HandyGames came out with a game called Guns’n’Glory which was a top down Western strategy action shooter that was insanely popular.

Pocket Trains Cover

news · 7 months ago

Pocket Trains Arrives at Station

One of the more highly anticipated mobile titles lately has been that of Pocket Trains, the land based version of Nimblebit’s Pocket Planes title.

Motoheroz Cover

news · 7 months ago

New Game From Ubisoft, Motoheroz, Out Now On Android

Ubisoft has published some great games such as Rayman Jungle Run and Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame and now added to that list is a game from developer RedLynx called Motoheroz.

Giant Boulder of Death Cover

news · 7 months ago

Adult Swim Games Is Back With Giant Boulder of Death

Surprisingly Adult Swim Games publishes some great games that are addictive and even go viral.

Sheep Happens (Cover)

news · 7 months ago

Sheep Happens, a Funny Sheep-Olympic Runner Hits the Play Store

A lot of crazy things happen when Android developers put their minds to it; some of them are good fun, others are just plain stupid.


news · 7 months ago

BulkyPix’s Run and Roll Game Orborun Speeds onto the Play Store

A run and roll game is where you take a Orbot, make him run endlessly on 3D platforms and when the going gets tough, turn him into a ball so that he can roll through the rest of the journey and reach the finish line.

Terraria (Cover)

review · 7 months ago

Terraria - Digging Up the Past

Terraria, the spiritual successor to the block-bashing game Minecraft, has been out for a little more than a year now on PC and a few months on consoles.

Heroes of Loot Cover

review · 7 months ago

Heroes of Loot - Lightning Fast Roguelike

In the land of mobile gaming roguelikes are quickly becoming one of the more popular genres with tons of them popping up everywhere.

Dragon Season Cover

news · 7 months ago

Colorful and Vibrant Dragon Season Gets a Big Update

Ghostbox’s fun loving adventure game Dragon Season is now better than ever.

Jack N Jill Cover

news · 7 months ago

Jack N’ Jill Went Up a Hill And Now Is On Google Play

You know the nursery rhyme; “Jack and Jill went up the hill To fetch a pail of water.

Zombie Tsunami Cover

news · 7 months ago

Zombie Tsunami Sweeping over Play Store Now

What would happen if there was an endless runner featuring zombies.

Terraria Cover

news · 7 months ago

Terraria Finally Available On Google Play

Recently iOS users have been the subject of extreme envy as the award winning and super popular game, Terraria was released only for them.

Heroes of Loot Cover

news · 7 months ago

Plenty of Enemies and Unlimited Loot Await You in Heroes of Loot; Out Now on Android

Last month, we told you that come September 12th, Heroes of Loot would land on the Play Store and OrangePixel haven’t disappointed us.

Danger Dash Cover

review · 7 months ago

Danger Dash - Running Out of Ideas

It’s been over two years since Temple Run first hit the App Store and everyone went ga-ga over this new style of gameplay.

Danger Dash Cover

news · 8 months ago

Get Ready to Take On Gameloft’s Latest Endless Runner Danger Dash

Gameloft known for some of best and most awesome games on the Play Store are out with their latest endless runner called Danger Dash.

I Am Level Cover

news · 8 months ago

Rolling into Google Play Is I Am Level

Blending a mixture between pinball dynamics and straight retro platforming is a new game from a new developer called Smiling Bag in their first independent release.

Contra Evolution (cover)

review · 8 months ago

Contra: Evolution - All Guns Blazing

Back in its heyday, Contra did everything right on the console: fast-paced co-op gunplay, vibrant environs, explosions, lots of jumping and of course, a killer rock soundtrack.

Totem Runner Cover

review · 8 months ago

Totem Runner - Running With The Animals

An evil force has taken over the world, destroying life and shrouding everything in gloomy darkness.

Despicable Me Update Cover

news · 8 months ago

Despicable Me Gets a New Update: Minion Beach

The delightfully fun minions from Gameloft’s endless runner Despicable Me are ready to start off on a new adventure at minion beach.

Totem Runner (cover)

news · 8 months ago

Chillingo’s Totem Runner Transforms You from Man to Beast

Chillingo’s latest contribution to the endless platform genre comes in the form of a silhouette-styled fantasy game called Totem Runner.

He-Man (cover)

review · 8 months ago

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game - By The Power Of Greyskull

“There’s something strange/in the neighbourhood/whom you gonna call…”

“He-Man! He-Man!”

Bravoman (cover)

news · 8 months ago

Bravoman: Binja Bash Punches His Way On to The Play Store

Namco Bandai’s latest side scrolling punching game Bravoman: Binja Bash has just landed on the Play Store.

Nun Attack Run and Gun Cover

review · 8 months ago

Nun Attack: Run & Gun - A Nun Run

Awhile ago Frima Studios showed us with Nun Attack that nuns are to be feared as they come fully loaded to kick some paranormal butt.

Contra Evolution Cover

news · 8 months ago

Nostalgia Trip with New Contra: Evolution

Seems more and more older video games that we are nostalgic about are getting ported with new and improved additions to Android.

Shadow Blade Cover

news · 8 months ago

Dead Mage Debut Trailer for Ninja Platforming Game Shadow Blade

Let’s be honest! Haven’t you always wanted to be a highly skilled mercenary, championing your stealth and martial arts skills to kill some bad ass villains?

Fox 3 Jet Fighter Pursuit 3D

news · 8 months ago

Fox 3: Jet Fighter Pursuit 3D Comes in for a Landing on Android

Time to rise in the ranks in the Airforce as you hop into your F/A – 18 Super Hornet jet and get into dangerous but epic dog fights with your opponents.

Run My Deer Cover

news · 8 months ago

Run Away with Run, My Deer

Uh oh. That magic keyword, ‘Run’. You know what that means, another endless runner has been released for Android devices.

Heroes of Loot Cover

news · 8 months ago

Dungeon Crawler Heroes of Loot to Land on the Play Store on Sept 12

OrangePixel, the guys who brought you great games like Groundskeeper and Meganoid have been working for quite some time on their roguelike dungeon crawler called Heroes of Loot.

PlayStation All-Stars Island Cover

review · 8 months ago

PlayStation All-Stars Island - Oh God, Sony! Why?

Somewhere in an office of Coca Cola there’s a marketing exec enjoying celebratory sips of Coke Zero while enjoying a hefty cash bonus.

Past Memories (1)

news · 8 months ago

Freshly Released Silhouette Runner Past Memories Steadily Climbs the Charts

Brazilian game company Give me Five, more famous for their web games Dilma Adventure and Jogo Justo on the Taxes Island are enjoying good success with their recent Android release called Past Memories.

Endless Running Retro Style Cover

news · 9 months ago

Endless Running Retro Style

Endless running mobile games are a huge market…just look at the Temple Run series or Skiing Fred.

PlayStation All-Stars Island Cover

news · 9 months ago

Sony Europe Launches Promotional Game PlayStation All-Stars Island

Coca Cola Zero may not have ventured into the mobile gaming scene as yet, but they have become the sponsors of an all-star game from Sony Europe called PlayStation All-Stars Island.

My Muppets Show

news · 9 months ago

Disney Unleashes Three Gorgeous Games in One Day with a Special Bonus

Its happy days for fans of the popular entertainment giants, Disney games.

Usian Bolt Temple Run 2 Cover

news · 9 months ago

Usain Bolt, Fastest Man Alive, Now Playable in Temple Run 2

Tired of playing as the “slow” and relatively boring Indiana Jones knockoff in Imangi’s Temple Run 2?

9 Lives Casey and Sphinx Cover

review · 9 months ago

9 Lives: Casey and Sphynx - Man’s Second Best Friend

Imagine you’re a security guard and one day on your night shift you accidentally break an ancient Egyptian golden idol and cause the curse of Bastet on you and a cat that happens to be nearby.

Song Rush

review · 9 months ago

Song Rush - A Seriously Flawed Musical Runner

Music has always been an integral part of Android games. It lifts the mood, changes the intensity of the game and enhances the quality of gameplay.

Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Cover

review · 9 months ago

Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame - Doomed by the Past

As a lifelong gamer I always fear the Nerd Police will come and take my membership card away when I admit I’ve never played a 2D Prince of Persia game.


news · 9 months ago

A Ride into the Mountains Arrives on Android

What drew my attention to A Ride into the Mountains is the extremely retro pixelated graphics going back to early video game history such as the Commodore 64 but slightly more modernized and very intriguing.

Bounty Arms Cover

review · 9 months ago

Bounty Arms - Shoots So Good

I have nothing but love for Kerosene Games and Luma Arcade, the companies behind one of my favorite mobile titles, Bladeslinger.

Turd Birds Cover

review · 9 months ago

Turd Birds - A Messy Flying Mischief of a Game

It’s impossible to keep track how many running games there are in the Play Store at this point, but the competition for this genre must be tough enough for 2K Games to create Turd Birds.

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